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Panera focused on expanding because of the lower real estate costs Gregory. Food is a basic need and nothing can substitute that. Also, Panera could increase their dinner offerings to increase their sales and customers at off peak hours.

Panera has an advantage in terms of suppliers because the make their own bread in 17 fresh dough facilities and own trucks to deliver the dough anywhere from to miles to stores Thompson. Panera has numerous suppliers for each ingredient so that it can obtain ingredients from other suppliers when necessary Thompson.

Starbucks Coffee however, does offer seasonal coffee beverages and a la carte food items to stay competitive for similar reasons as Panera. New eateries also have an advantage over established restaurants because consumers are more likely to give new restaurants a try Thompson.

However, Panera should expand their fruit selections further to gain more customers who do not have a taste for their mainly vegetable filled dishes. Threat of Substitutes In the restaurant and food industry, there are not any substantial substitutes to food because people have to eat food every day.

The restaurant must constantly be staying in tune to customer preferences or the customers will easily eat at another restaurant. Panera took a risk with this strategy because of the unpredictable market, but Panera seems to have been immune to the recession because their sales continued to improve.

Panera has the advantage with this substitute because many people either prefer coffee or prefer energy drinks and stick to their preference so the risk of customers switching to a substitute is low. Since there are no major substitutes the threat is relatively low in this category.

People are always looking for a new and different place to eat and because of this demand new restaurants open daily. During the recession, many restaurants started competing for the lowest prices because they thought that was the best strategy to continue to gain customers in a slower market.

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Panera uses all natural antibiotic-free chicken in their menu offerings, however there is not much awareness of this to the general public Thompson. Most customers did not realize the price increase because of the added size. The restaurant will have lower operating costs in so their margins will be higher.

One way Panera could continue to thrive is to expand their catering division, Via Panera, further. A substitute to this could be to have the meeting in the office or just work from home. Consumers are constantly looking for variety in their meals so this gives new restaurants an incentive to open as well as steady business in the beginning of their operations.

5 Portal Panera Bread Essay Sample

Substitutes to coffee are caffeinated beverages and energy drinks. Also, the company contracts with numerous suppliers to keep an individual suppliers bargaining power low. If Panera continues to expand their catering the company could essentially double the catering sales.

Panera has also been successful by introducing many new menu items to keep their customers interested, such as a cobb salad and other healthy menu choices Horovitz. The majority of people who want healthy chicken go to their local grocery store for the chicken.

More essays like this: Panera controls the quality of their main product by making the bread themselves daily. This now makes restaurants pay closer attention to the restaurant quality because they may lose business if they do not receive a good 5 portal panera bread.

To gain more patrons at dinnertime without conflicting with their brand image, pasta and chicken breast dishes could be profitable.

The company decided to make some of their menu items, such as soup, slightly bigger and charge a bit more for them.

The bread is delivered daily so if for any reason the bread cannot make it to the store sales and brand reputation can suffer. They made strategic decisions that still made them successful in a down market while competitors were struggling for profits.

This vertical integration has made Panera capable of controlling the quality of its signature product, their bread.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Panera Bread - Forgot Username. Welcome!

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96 reviews of Panera Bread "I love the Panera Bread in Porter Square, the top floor isn't very spacious but when the downstairs area is open, there's enough room.

It's a nice atmosphere to have group meetings or to just go and study and they 3/5(96). 5 Portal Panera Bread Essay Sample. I. Rivalry Among Competitive Sellers The restaurant industry is a very competitive industry.

On a typical day US consumers spend a total of $1 billion at eating establishments (Thompson). Visit your local Panera Bread at 5 S Morehall Road in Malvern, PA to find soup, salad, bakery, pastries, coffee near you. Dine-in, pickup, and killarney10mile.comon: 5 S Morehall Road, Malvern,PA.

5 portal panera bread
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