Acme manufacturing wan design essay

An adjacent building across the street from the main office houses sales and engineering. The T1 line will be used for the building across the street from the headquarters that houses engineering and the sales staff because of the proximity of the buildings.

Acme Manufacturing

Additional benefits are Virtual Group Model, improved administration efficiency, enhanced network security, and reduction of routing for broadcasting. A new facility has been acquired in China.

Each distribution office has a small sales staff as well as administrative staff. Packets are sent to their intended locations, and resources are reallocated as the need arises Regan, In the Acme manufacturing wan design essay, Georgia office are corporate operations, marketing, administrative staff, and accounting.

FiOS, Ethernet, satellite, etc. Acme Manufacturing has acquired my services as a network consultant to design a new network. With the combined leased lines and satellite communication this will ensure network communication over long distances and uninterrupted connectivity. By using VoIP costs are lower.

Distribution offices are in Chicago, New York, and Phoenix. Dynamic VLAN is a management policy server. The other locations will be connected through leased T1 and T3 lines. Each week in the corporate conference room weekly meetings are held at the main office in Atlanta, with individuals attending from multiple locations, this includes China, New York, Phoenix, and Chicago.

Each location should be interconnected. Meanwhile, a LAN setup with routers to transfer packets between networks Geier, and Ethernet cables would be ideal.

The network topology will be a star topology, as indicated in figure one, with each site directly connecting to the Atlanta headquarters; this way network administration is centrally located. It will automatically assign VLAN ports.

The requirements for the new wide area network are: The reason, basically, is increased productivity, and improved communications because all six connections are accessible.

Providing smooth data access across the network for orders, production, or administrative needs. This way packet switching, latency, and channel capacity are more proficient. The high bandwidth speed will reduce communication time between the outlying distribution centers.

The T1 line speed is parallel to DSL, 1. Across the street from the main office in another building are the engineering and sales staffs. It is recommended that Acme Manufacturing use a star topology for the network design. They have acquired a plant in China, and host several offices throughout the United States.

VoIP enhances virtual conferences by allowing employees from different locations to attending meetings via the Internet at a central location. Packet switching data is broken down into smaller packets before being sent out optimizing the use of channel capacity.

By acquiring leased lines a separate frame type will be used for data that normally is used in LAN settings.

The network speed with be noticeably greater, and network costs are low. The headquarters are Atlanta, GA, which houses corporate operations, administrative staff, marketing, and accounting.Network Design for Acme Manufacturing Running head: NETWORK DESIGN FOR ACME Network Design for Acme Manufacturing Learning Team A: [your team members] University of Phoenix Intro To WAN Technologies NTC/ Acme Manufacturing Network Design Introduction As a network consultant hired by Acme Manufacturing, the.

Acme Manufacturing is a growing company that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently the company has acquired a manufacturing plant in China and multiple offices in the United States. Acme is now in need of a WAN solution to connect their many offices.

Acme Manufacturing WAN Design Acme Manufacturing is a growing company that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently the company has acquired a manufacturing plant in China and multiple offices in the United States. IT Final - WAN Design.

Axia College of University of Phoenix. ABSTRACT. This recommendation is for Acme Manufacturing. Acme Manufacturing requires the design of a new network and new equipment.

Wan Design Final Project Essay Words | 4 Pages. WAN Design Farrah Slayton IT/ June 26, Mike Stansbury WAN Design Acme Manufacturing is an up-and-coming company that is now expanding to China. WAN Design Jason Johnson University of Phoenix: IT/ October 1, Acme’s WAN Design With Acme’s headquarter located in Atlanta, Georgia and quickly expanding to China and then across the United States, Acme Manufacturing is a top tier company that in turn needs a top tier WAN network to help tie together it’s various locations.

Acme manufacturing wan design essay
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