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I lived in Strasburg Township and all we had were 10 one room school houses that only went to eighth grade if you wanted to go farther there were three high schools that bordered Strasburg, including West Lampeter. Bottom line is he and I, despite the generational difference, became kindred spirits.

He would Basketball junkie newspapers from York, Reading, Harrisburg and Lancaster to keep up with his rankings and standings. As things began to change for his newsletter — and folks starting to get involved in the internet- Jerry helped LLhoops.

His gritty, tattooed, hip-hop persona drew the ire of rival fans and more national attention: He called me up to help him with his Basketball junkie.

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Thanks Jerry, for everything. Now that he has Basketball junkie best seat in the house to Basketball junkie Pennsylvania hoops, I definitely will miss him because he was always so terrific to me and quick to share information that I might have been unable to locate. I could ask him about a year and who won this and that, and he would check his binders on teams, years, districts, and states.

Twenty years later, Chris Herren was married to his high-school sweetheart, the father of three young children, and a heroin junkie. Anywhere you see old records, think of Jerry as he probably had a huge part in the stats.

His ranking system included all classes and public and private schools. The last few years, Jerry has been hooked on checking out HS games online — streaming, replays, summations.

When the Boston Celtics acquired his contract, he lived the dream of every Massachusetts kid—but off the court Herren was secretly crumbling, as his alcohol and drug use escalated and his life spiraled out of control.

He wrote a booklet and sold it I have a copy somewhere- but could not find it L. Eventually, once I introduced myself to Jerry at Giant Center, we used to spend all sorts of time talking about different teams and the difficulty both of us would encounter trying to find oft-elusive and unreported results.

In the last 2 years on llhoops. He was a fixture at High School games for many years. The Pittsburgh Post picked up his state rankings for a few years. When I was in fifth grade at Walnut Run, I started to read the AP story every Monday in the paper that would give a rundown of the whole state and started to follow high school basketball throughout the state three years before I ever knew I would be going to Lampeter-Strasburg.

The last few years, Jerry did not get around as well, but would get to a few games: His grandfather, father, and older brother had created their own sports legends in a declining city; he was the last, best hope for a career beyond the shuttered mills and factories.

I was dead for thirty seconds. After a few calls to the phone company, we got things straightened out. At LS he would get in the box using the elevator. Jerry told me a story about Readings legendary Coach, Jim Gano.

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He would rank District 3 teams and for a few years did state rankings. The last time I visited Jerry was this past spring. Especially since I know of several guys in the business who regularly made use of his stuff. Rolling Stone profiled him, 60 Minutes interviewed him, and the Denver Nuggets drafted him.

Hard to argue with Reading. His basketball career was over, consumed by addictions; he had no job, no skills, and was a sadly familiar figure to those in Fall River who remembered him as a boy, now prowling the streets he once ruled, looking for a fix.

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Had many, many, many long high school basketball chats over the last 4 decades!!! His grandfather, father, and older brother had cr I was dead for thirty seconds. I was glad he could post when he wanted as working at 7 am and making sure I had the postings up by that day made things a bit challenging.

When I got the head job at L-S many years ago, Jerry attended one of our games and came up and introduced himself to me I did not know him at allhe remembered me from my playing days at Erie Cathedral Prep.

Jerry also compiled Mid Penn records for the old Central Penn. In the past he would send me his updated lists very late on Sunday night- like 2 am Monday morning. Had a great passion for HS basketball and covered it thoroughly.

Jerry was also very active in hoops bulletin boards as a moderator and contributor. I wish I could tell you the exact dates, but I do not know.

Basketball Junkie

Last year he told me he watched over games on his bigger screen computer at his house…and wondered why our area did not do this? He told me what impressed Jerry is that Coach Gano would take notes on the Jv players the opponents while he was talking to Jerry before the games.

Jerry created a newsletter and rankings — The Middle Atlantic Sporting News before anyone else was thinking about rankings.LLhoops touched base with Coach Ramos earlier this summer.

He shares some of his thoughts as he enters the first year at McCaskey (the third head coach since the. "Chris Herren's "Basketball Junkie" is the story of what happens when a town and a family pressure a favorite son to embody their dreams, which turn out to be his nightmare.

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BASKETBALL JUNKIE is as revealing a book as has ever been written on the places drugs can take a person. At this point in his life Chris has to be as lucky an addict as there is who has returned from the hell hole chemicals can take one/5(70).

Chris Herren is the founder of Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren, a basketball player development company; the author of Basketball Junkie; and a public speaker with the American Program Bureau.

BILL REYNOLDS is a sports columnist for The Providence Journal and the author of several previous books, including Fall River Dreams and /5().

Basketball junkie
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