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Coordinated expenditures are in direct connection with a candidate or campaign S. Campaign finance is an urgent issue that must be addressed as soon as possible. It was the first publicly funded federal election in U.

It is generally noted that lobbying is not illegal but rather an ethical issue. Senator Russ Feingold, a proponent of campaign finance reform, said, "The current campaign finance system is fueling the transformation of our representative democracy into a corporate democracy creating a political system that allots power in direct relation to the amount of money an individual or Campaign finance reform essay group can contribute" Campaign Finance Reform.

Such prominence of both groups has caused an ethical conversation over the years as to whether politicians indeed stand by the values of the people with regard to policy shaping or if the gifts and money they receive is a more convincing mechanism to disregard society and become slaves to the lobbyists and PACs.

But, the first amendment has been used as a loophole in politics for too long. But there is a larger focus on the roles that labor unions play in elections.

It then becomes a matter of public perception as to the moral grounds, specifically in the case of lobbying for the legalization of marijuanaby which both lobbying and PACs exist, given that neither is illegal.

The need for large amounts of money to run a campaign has led to what appears to be a rude and crude race for the acquisition of large Campaign finance reform essay of cash, and there are those who would argue that money can never be separated from political influence.

Anne McBride, president of Common Cause, said, "As long as soft money contributions are allowed, big money will drown out the voices of the average citizen, diminishing our democracy" Campaign Finance Reform. Another prominent proposal for campaign finance reform that is hovering in Congress is the Shays-Meehan bill.

With such a growth in large individual contributions, citizens get the sense that elections are being bought and sold. While people want to cleanse elections of the increased corruption and monetary influences, concerns of infringement upon the first amendment of the Constitution arise.

Among other elements in the political arena that utilize powerful persuasion tactics are lobbyists and political action committees. Inthe Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was enacted, which is the most recent form of legislation pertaining to campaign finance "Major provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of ," The main ideas of the acts stipulate that candidates for the two houses of Congress receive no public funding, candidates in the presidential primaries receive matching dollars, and candidates in the presidential general election receive full public funding Godfrey.

Both types of donations would need to be made anonymously through the Federal Election Commission. The problems that arise with the increased role of money in elections are plentiful. While there is an element of legality to both political action committees and lobbyists, there is still the nagging thought amidst the public regarding how much laws are slanted toward them or whether the laws that are being enacted and passed are more or less saturated with influence from the powerful special interest groups.

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This particular act revised many of the limits that were placed on campaign contributions that were set in As a result of the Lobbying Disclosure Act inthere are certain rules that lobbyists must follow in how they execute influence with public policy. During the elections, public citizens estimated that an astounding million dollars was spent on "phony" issue ads designed to support or oppose congressional and presidential candidates Campaign Finance Reform.

Lobbying allows interest groups to express their views regarding particular subjects in the political system while allowing the interests themselves to remain at least somewhat distinct from the political process. From governors to mayors to lawmakers, the thought process for many is that they are easily swayed in a particular direction.

Even in the days before television, radio and the internet, it still took money to get the word out to the people in a far-flung land.

Campaign Finance Reform

Enacting stricter limits and regulations would allow everyone to have a substantial and equal voice in politics. These funds that are raised outside the limitations and prohibitions of the FECA are categorized as soft money Campaign Finance Reform. However, any regulations must conform to restraints imposed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Valeo case as the constitutionality of it was questioned. Too many people are losing their voice in politics simply because they cannot provide expansive monetary contributions.Watch video · Miriam Marks: Create a more timely and effective system of donor disclosure. While campaign finance information must be made public by law, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to track down.

This sample essay explores the issues present in the American political system and focuses on lobbying, political action committees, and campaign finance reform5/5(1). Campaign Finance Reform Effective election campaigns have always relied on the candidates’ ability to raise money.

Even in the days before television, radio and the internet, it still took money to get the word out to the people in a far-flung land.

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Essay on Lobbyists, PACs and Campaign Finance Reform

Article I, section 4, and Article II, section 1, of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate federal elections. The issue of campaign finance reform has been around for many years. It has significantly deterred many qualified people from participating in politics because they feel like they have no way to be heard in a system, which is driven by big dollar contributions.

Campaign finance reform essay
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