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Some teachers and students criticised the materials for promoting slang terms, some students said that they had not heard of such terms and others said that the HKEAA had misconceptions about the use of the slang terms. Numerous discussions were initiated on local forums.

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The addition of a paper testing integrated skills. Inthe curricula for Chinese and English were revised. On a local foruma candidate threatened to sue the HKEAA by saying that justice needed to be defended.

Two students lodged a complaint to the. Paper 2, Reading Comprehension and Usage, had some candidates complained that the HKEAA, in providing all of the study sources via the Internet, created the potential for candidates to access the solutions with electronic devices such as personal digital assistants and cellphones while they were in the toilet.

Even a university professor admitted that he could not finish the exam in a reasonable amount of time. A refined speaking skills paper, requiring more independent thinking than the previous routinised paper. The rumour was first spead on local forums and Young-M. Inhowever, the second passage was a Chinese poem instead.

The cascade reaction affected candidates who were eligible for sixth form. In paper 1, the format in previous years was that two passages were supplied, one in Vernacular Chinese and one in Classical Chineseand candidates were required to answer questions mainly in words. HKEAA had also announced that candidates who sat in the exam who wished to retake Chinese or English subjects were to take the new syllabi.

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Some teachers said that they could not even make the relevant decisions in a short period of time or said that the paper required deduction skills and common sense rather than Chinese knowledge, and some candidates said the paper was more like gambling than an examination.

Grammar Ce biology 1994 paper1 be tested alongside comprehension in the same section A refined writing paper, now requiring two separate pieces of writing, one guided, one independent and more open-ended.

Controversies[ edit ] English Language Syllabus B grading error[ edit ] Inthe oral component of the Syllabus B English language examination was incorrectly added to the total score because of a recent upgrade to the HKEAA computer system, and the supervisor in charge failed to double-check the results.

The incident generated widespread public furore. A Halloween advertisement was included in the recording, and some candidates afterward said that they felt uneasy or thought the radio channel was switched. The abolishment of the testing of grammar and language usage which was once part of the old reading comprehension and usage paper.

In an attempt to mitigate the situation, the HKEAA publicly apologised and offered free rechecks on the oral component of the English language subject for all candidates.

However, many universities and secondary schools claimed that the gap should have been larger. The removal of the 26 selected essays, excerpts from the classics, poems and ancient lyrics in the original curriculum, replacing them with a selection of reading materials by the teachers.

A protest Cantonese was proposed for 31 May or 1 July. A spokesperson of the HKEAA stated that copying by candidates will result in no marks given to the plagiarised parts.

In the data file, Chinese slang terms were discussed in an extract from a newspaper article and in a poster promoting reading.

The problem was so severe that some students wrongfully received an F grade the second-lowest grade when they were supposed to receive an A the highest grade in the oral section.

Some students flamed on that forum in anger after the exam. Subsequently, many candidates received an incorrect total score, which resulted in an incorrect final grade for the subject.

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Also, half of the total scores were from multiple choice questions, and in some questions, choices were said to be difficult to distinguish. However, the mistake was discovered far too late. The addition of a listening comprehension examination.

Since some candidates were unable to find a school for their matriculate education because they received an incorrect grade, the Education and Manpower Bureau was forced to increase the school quotas for some schools to accommodate the affected students.

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Some candidates also suggested actions to protest the difficulty of the comprehension paper by wearing black clothes and staying on seats after the end of examinations on 2 May and 3 Maywhen the English Language examinations were held.

The proposed revisions specific to Chinese include: The addition of a speaking oral examination. Some also commented that the passages were too difficult for CE level. A refined reading comprehension paper, with questions requiring written answers instead of the old format in which every question was a multiple choice question.

Since the final English mark is calculated by averaging the marks in the oral, reading comprehension, listening, and writing sections, having an F in oral would have seriously affected the final English mark if the candidate did well in other components.

It is questionable whether those candidates, who were used to the old syllabi, could adapt to the structure of the new syllabi in nearly half a year. That led to assumption that the tutor had knowledge of the question in the actual exam.

It was later found that the actual test had some of the same topics and even some questions identical that were identical, fuelling worries of a possible leakage. Ken", one of the well-known tutors at the Modern Education Centre in Hong Kong, called his students back to the tutorial centre for a few days before the test to review some material on fashion.

Beforetwo syllabi coexisted. The proposed revisions specific to English include:hkcee biology paper ii answers acdad bdcad cdadb cdcda bcbdc caabc cbbab caabb abdac ddcaa cbaba addbb bdccd badbd cabbd ccbab bacdc badcd bddab aaccc aadaa cabcc dddbb babad bccdd bacbc acddd cdbac dbcdb daacb cdcaa dcabd aadbc abaab cdacb dabcb cbabb ccaaa Oct 02,  · The Heart - Structure and Function Science and Maths by Primrose Kitten.

1, views. The whole of AQA Biology Paper 1 in only 63 minutes!! Descripción: In here you will find an assortment of Biology Paper 1 Multiple choice questions on Topic 1 - Statistical Analysis and Topic 2 - Cells.

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INSTRUCTIONS • Use black ink. You may use an HB pencil for graphs and diagrams. • Complete the boxes above with your name, centre number and candidate number.

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Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology Coursebook. O level Biology Matters Work book by Lam Peng Kwan, Eric Y K Lam and Christine Y P Lee O level Biology Teachers guide Mary jones.

Ce biology 1994 paper1
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