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Why College works painting review much peeling?! There are few ways to learn these lessons this early in life. Samuel West Branch Manager Anybody willing to participate and take this program on to the fullest extent has every reason to give it a shot.

He promised me that he would see to it this happened. Ryan called a few minutes after Joe and I hung up.

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In regards to the cleanup involving painty water: From the snow capped peaks of Mount Rainier to the rugged Pacific coastlines, the State of Washington will offer you a diverse assortment of scenic adventures.

No I could not have her direct number and she will not be calling me. For several days they had 1 paint brush between 3 workers.

The manager over seeing our home was on site ony 1 hour per day for the first 3 weeks. We College works painting review use latex based paint with low VOC. At College Works Painting Washington we know how important it is to have superior service as a homeowner.

He put me through to Joe Young, who they tell me supervises the warranty work. When on site, most of that, supervisor [redacted] spent sitting on a 5 gallon bucket and texting, as the untrained college students made mistake after mistake Not their fault.

That wording was never used. Results reflected this completely. Joe stated that Ryan is "swamped" but would get back to me that evening. I truly feel sorry for people who have to work and can not see what really goes on with this unfortunate crew of great college folk.

There is now overspray and a lot of paint chips on a lot of my new roof. Even the correcting of mistakes, compounded into even more mistakes. But at this point I do believe our best bet is to seek a refund on that warranty and be done with Collegworks.

I mentioned the contract. I have since gone back and rescinded that recommendation. I imagine that for the rest of my life, I will still be drawing from the lessons that I learned.

However, the crew that was on site at this particular job were hired after that training occurred so they did not attend. The client kept using this word "training" as if painters go to school to learn the trade and get a badge of certification to pick up a brush.

There is no consistency with the crews and I will repeat NO supervision, training, certification, or incentive.

I am not sure how that can be construed as NOT telling his crew to pull off the job I blame this on the lack of any training and also the lack of any true supervision. Success started to come with the hard work that I put in.

After several phone calls and emails, finally, one day in July, the 15th to be exact a manager Ryan called and said that a painter Darren would be coming out to price out the job in the next couple of hours.

This meant that if one needed it for a different color, they had to and were continually washing out the same brush. The crew in question that helped early on in the job were lacking the experience required on this project.

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They have helped me realize that I am worth it. College Works Painting also needs to complete my Home and not walk off because of mistakes caused by untrained and poorly unsupervised staff resulting in a negative cash result for them. Brett Tobin University of Massachusetts, Amherst Sticking with the internship and pushing through the hard times are what have helped me gain the experience that I have.

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The following day, the foreman came back again to get the rest of the materials and did what we were told were the remaining touch ups. We washed our brushes out in the back woods and used no chemicals in the process.

The only complaint we had was that they started the job much later in the summer than they had told us they would, and then took much longer than they had anticipated, so by the end of the summer, the students were visibly "checked out" mentally.

College Works Painting Washington is proud to have been offering home improvement services and providing internship opportunities in the Evergreen state sincehiring college students from the best universities each year as interns, managers, and branch Managers.

When we returned, he had left several ladders, paint, sprayer, other tools and equipment in the yard and in the carport. This was very frustrating considering we had just reached an agreement 30 minutes prior.Oct 13,  · Is the College Works Painting internship a scam?

I filled out a small sheet asking basic questions like grade, major and gpa. Then i got a phone call from a kid who basically just started interviewing me and at Status: Resolved.

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Check out our local review pages by clicking on your location below. Jan 22,  · College Works Painting past intern Nick is a District Manager going to school going to University of Minnesota.

He ran a.

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On the College Works Painting website, there is a chart with an estimated earning potential for student interns, with the lowest projected income, bracketed under a category called “Below Average Branch,” listed at $ College Works Painting, College Works, College Works Painting Internship, Internship, House Painting, Painting, Painters, Painter, Student Jobs, House Painters, Good Jobs For College Students, Find An Internship, College Works Painting Washington, College Works Painting Reviews.

Amber has a great future ahead of her, both with College Works Painting and with any company she will work for — even her own if she so desires.

Company Response 07/30/ Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review!/5().

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