Edmond dantes revenge

Villefort had once conducted an affair with Madame Danglars. Together, they determine who betrayed Edmond, and although Faria disapproves, Edmond plans vengeance against his betrayers.

Dumas was a member of the Club des Hashischins. Villefort was a loyalist, His father was a Bonapartist. Daughter of Pierre Morrel, wife of Emmanuel Herbault.

The Count discovered the secret of an illegitimate child which had been born of a union between Villefort and Madame Danglars. He is paralysed and only able to communicate with his eyes, but retains his mental faculties and acts as protector to Valentine.

Then the Count reappeared. After his transformation into the Count of Monte Cristo, he reveals his true name to his enemies as each revenge is completed.

Realizing that Edmond now intends to let Albert kill him, she reveals the truth to Albert, which causes Albert to make a public apology to the Count.

Perhaps no novel within a given number of years had so many readers and penetrated into so many different countries. Inthe ashes of Napoleon I were brought to France and became an object of veneration in the church of Les Invalidesrenewing popular patriotic support for the Bonaparte family.

In love with Valentine de Villefort. The main new identity he uses for himself is The Count of Monte Cristo. The next day, he swims out to sea as a smuggling ship passes by and is rescued under the pretense of being a shipwreck victim.

Faria inspires his escape and guides him to a fortune in treasure. The Count then moves to Paris and dazzles Danglars with his wealth, persuading him to extend him a credit of six million francs.

It is due to her love for Edmond that she is able to recognize him when she meets him again, which frightens her. Louis Napoleon escapes from his prison. He also learns that those who had remained loyal to him had suffered greatly, while those who had betrayed him had prospered.

After nearly six months, he hears scratching against the wall of his cell.

Fearing he will be forced to eat, he throws out his food in secrecy. Alexandre Dumas is famous as a writer by this time age The effect of the serials, which held vast audiences enthralled Having purchased the deed to the island from whence he obtained his treasure, Edmond is able to place himself in the upper strata of Parisian society and assume the role of one of the most influential men in all of France.

As a result, Fernand is investigated by his peers and disgraced. Serialization ran from August 28, to January 15, As such, he is introduced to several other powerful men, most notably Danglars, who is now a wealthy banker ; Mondego, who is now Count de Morcerf and a military hero; and M.Jan 25,  · Watch video · Edmond Dantes (James Caviezel) is falsely imprisoned for treason, having been blackmailed by his friend Fernand Mondego (Guy Pearce) who covets Dantes' wife-to-be.

Queue languishment in prison where he plots his escape and his ultimate revenge on Dantes in a highly fashionable style/10(K). Home The Count of Monte Cristo Q & A how does edmond dantes get reven The Count of Monte Cristo how does edmond dantes get revenge on danglars and fernand.

it doesnt really help me find the answer because the sections are so big. Mondego, now known as the Count de Morcerf, is the first to be punished.

Dantès exposes Morcerf’s darkest secret: Morcerf made his fortune by betraying his former patron, the Greek vizier Ali Pacha, and he then sold.

Edmond Dantès

In our story, a man named Edmond Dantès thought it wise to take revenge on his enemies. He took revenge on each person in a way that related to the way they originally conspired against him.

However, at the end, instead of. The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas (père) completed in It is one of the author's most popular works, along with The Three Musketeers.

The last person from which Edmond takes his revenge is Villefort, the chief prosecutor who let his own feelings and personal issues get in the way of protecting an innocent man. The Count announces the man's affair in front of all of his friends and in turn his wife kills herself and also kills his son.

Villefort goes insane.

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Edmond dantes revenge
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