Essay about transcultural nursing

In incurring cultural knowledge, one should always remember that every individual is a unique blend of the variety found within each culture, an incomparable Essay about transcultural nursing of life experiences, and the product of acculturation to other cultures Capinha-Bacote, Carrying out all the planned care with the passion and humility to accept and respect differences, and be willing to learn from different world Campinha-Bacote, Nurses and other health care providers need a solid knowledge about a variety of populations, culture- specific phenomena e.

He was groomed plain and simple.

Like when asked why he is in the institution on one interaction, he answered that his friends sent him there because of misconceptions. Next, is cultural encounter; the process which encourages the health care provider to immerse himself to various cultural interactions with clients from culturally diverse backgrounds Tortumluoglu, During his first week in the institution, the client was noted to be unsociable.

With the increase in diversity in an ever-changing society and the escalating need for nurses to be educated and skilled in transcultural nursing, every opportunity that would contribute to development of cultural competence should be seized.

Surprisingly, he was able to recall what he had for breakfast and lunch. They may exhibit behaviours that appear bizarre and purposeless.

The client was referred by a social worker and was assessed by one of the nurses on duty.

A Transcultural

He believed that, it was spiritual opposition who inflicted the pain. Furthermore, it recognises that culture is dynamic and always changing and there is more variation within a culture than among different cultures Brathwaite, Hence, knowing the unique behavioural patterns and lifestyles of a specific culture enables the provider to perform culturally congruent, holistic and appropriate healthcare service Streltzer, Cultural desire is a genuine passion and a commitment to become culturally competent health care provider Campinha-Bacote, He also looked disturbed and preoccupied at all times.

This disorder is identified with complex characteristics according to type. Finally, the fifth component of this model is cultural desire.

Though, somehow findings from studies conducted by Rew et al point that conscious awareness of cultural diversity does not guarantee cultural competence. However, his nails were untrimmed both on hands and feet. A concrete example is of an old Filipino faith healer who never consulted any clinician to diagnose the pain sensation he feels during urination.

Say, a Christian nurse was assigned to care for a dying atheist patient. Good intentions and the nonverbal communication style of a psychiatric nurse can sometimes be interpreted as offensive and insulting to a specific cultural group. A cultural desire must be developed and surged in each health care provider to effectively furnish the unmet, culturally-related needs of the client.

This is especially possible if both came from different country of origin.- Transcultural nursing is a critical component of the nursing profession in an ever-changing culturally diverse world.

The patient’s social and cultural dissimilarities are important for the nurse to recognize and acknowledge. The country of Nigeria is located in Western Africa bordering the Gulf of Guinea (Bureau of African Affairs, ).

The Cultural interview discussed in this paper was conducted on a 33 year old man who migrated to the United States of America from Nigeria 4 years ago. Free Essay: Application of Nursing Theory Leininger’s Transcultural Theory The practice of nursing in today’s multicultural societies calls for nurses to.

As the world’s multi-cultural population increases, the significance of transcultural nursing in healthcare is strongly evident. Health care professionals are challenged by the need to understand the various cultural factors that influence a person’s response to health and illness and must develop attitudes and skills that will help them behave in culturally.

Purpose and goals of the transcultural nursing theory.

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Transcultural Nursing Transcultural nursing may be defined as a method to contrast and observe how individuals view health care, biased by their culture background.

Essay about transcultural nursing
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