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Although mobile banking is usually accessible for 24 hours per day, there are usually limitations, like the types of accounts that can be accessed, as well as per transaction and per day limits on the amount of money that can be transacted. In order for companies to achieve optimal performance, they need to have a framework on which to base their marketing activities, whereby the most common model is the marketing mix Constantinides, In addition to increasing competition and better access to information by customers, the globalisation of logistics, sourcing and production have also had an effect on the ability of companies to compete successfully.

In this case, the capability and capacity of the company representative to meet the needs of the customer determines the quality of experience, and, by extension, the perception of the customer towards the company and its products. The study will be limited to Barclays Kenya customers who visit the Meru branch on a single day, whereby the sample size will be determined by the number of customers it takes for trends and themes to emerge.

The findings of the study will be beneficial in making recommendations on how Barclays Kenya can improve its strategy for marketing of Hello Money to compete successfully and sustainably with market leaders. Another factor that determines customer perceptions is the services quality and the responsiveness of the company and its affiliates including distribution partners and customer services centres Byrne et al.

On the other hand, companies that are Essay of proposal of marketing mix to the market, or those that have many direct competitors, need to differentiate their products by offering lower prices for better value.

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Research Framework Independent Variables and Dependent Variable Based on the framework above, this study is done on the assumption that the perception of customers towards a product is dependent on how the company decides to present that product through its marketing mix. An example is how Mobile Khata, which was originally introduced by Laxmi Bank inhas become the mobile banking system of choice for multiple banking institutions in Nepal.

On the other hand, all companies usually work on improving their manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness, which ensures that as much profit is made from their assets as possible. If it is not available at the right time in the right place, then even the best product in the world will not be bought in the quantities expected.

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These are all examples of poorly integrated marketing decisions. Through marketing techniques, companies usually increase the perceived value of their products, which can enable them to charge high prices for their products, and increase the profits they make from their products.

The four key ones are product, price, promotion including advertising and packaging and place where and how a product will be sold to consumers.

When introducing their products to the market, companies need to classify their products into three groups including core products, actual products and augmented products, whereby each class of products is marketed using a different strategy.

Consumers are likely to reject products where the marketing mix has not communicated a clear and unambiguous message, resulting in fewer long term sales. In the marketing mix for services, the 7Ps marketing mix that includes product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence since the additional components are important to customer perception of services and companies that offer them Goi, Through mobile banking, Eko Financial Services, which is a joint venture of ICICI Bank and the State Bank of India, provides bank accounts, withdrawals, deposits, remittances, microfinance, micro-insurance and other services to its customers.

Search our thousands of essays: Finally, the marketing mix includes the process component, which includes the mechanisms, procedures and flow of activities for service delivery.

For example, a clean and well-presented reception area in a hotel would raise appropriate expectations in the mind of the customer.

Physical evidence not only enables the company to introduce the company to its products, but also enables the company to offer something tangible for customers in spite of operating in an industry where service delivery leaves little to no evidence Goi, ; Ivy, International employment law essay word essay page length of research paper on computer security officer essay writing about swachh bharat abhiyan westward expansion s essay help.

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Customer perceptions will be an indicator of if the marketing mix adopted by Barclays Kenya will result in widespread adoption of Hello Money, or if the strategy will need to be changed in favour of a better strategy.Marketing decisions made by a company when shaping a suitable proposition for the potential customer can be organized into four major groups.

These are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The actual meaning of those four is creating the right product, selling it at the right price and in the right place, with the use of the most effective.

This free Marketing essay on EFFECTS OF MARKETING MIX ON CUSTOMER PERCEPTIONS is perfect for Marketing students to use as an example. The chapters that follow in this research proposal include literature review, methodology and conclusion.

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW. Marketing mix distribution is based on the following scheme: wholesalers buy goods from a manufacturer or another wholesaler and sell it using retail or wholesale trade.

They tend to use promotion as an element of marketing mix (personal selling, for example) and take measures to stimulate sales. Marketing Mix (Essay Sample) Instructions: I need the paper written under this format Using information from at least three different sources, prepare a 1,word paper in which you describe the elements of the marketing mix.

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Marketing mix is not merely a single term but it is an assembly of different elements of marketing. [tags: Business, Elements, Strategies] Despite what you may think about A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, this essay is a satire master piece filled with irony.

Swift’s essay was not intended to convince people to eat babies, but to. The Marketing Proposal For Baby Food Marketing Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, it is necessary to build a marketing proposal. The purpose of this report is to define the target market for new milk powder and marketing mix strategies.

Initially, it will introduce the milk powder in which aspects are improved than .

Essay of proposal of marketing mix
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