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Then late at night we get together and light the crackers. Fire crackers and fire works are a big part of Diwali celebrations. It is mostly celebrated by the Hindus and Jains all across the world. Goddess Lakshmi would be truly pleased if we share our wealth and happiness in some meaningful and selfless way, something that sets us apart from the nature of demons who try to use wealth like Bali for their own selfish and evil ends.

It has many importance and significance for people of Jain, Hindu and Sikh religions. Government offices are also involved in getting clean up and decorated. Mahavir Tirthankar who had founded the modern Jainism, attained his nirvana on the special day which is commemorated as Diwali in the Jainism.

Make, eat and distribute sweets: It is celebrated with great Pomps and shows. Diwali is considered the best festival all over India. I usually have to be a vegetarian, because I go to the Alter and offer different sweets and fruits.

Lighting diyas and candle all around the houses enlighten the every corner. We all should practice celebrating the pollution free Diwali every year in order to save and enjoy the natural beauty of environment forever.

Diwali Celebration Essay

It has great cultural belief of celebrating behind. The toy and picture shops are rearranged. Why is Diwali Celebrated?

Updated with inputs from various contributors. They cook delicious dishes of foods and sweets all the five days of the Diwali festival. People also make mud houses in which they keep the Goddess of Wealth and pray. Diwali is celebrated by huge displays of fireworks and crackers.

Take it upon you as a social responsibility to celebrate a peaceful Diwali without fire crackers in a noiseless manner.

Diwali Essay

It falls every year in the month of October or November. The people of the Ayodhya were very happy with the coming of their dearest and mankind King Rama with his wife and brother. My grandmother tells me that the victory of Good over Evil is the reason for this celebration.

How do people celebrate Diwali? Few days before Diwali we go to buy crackers such as rockets, bombs, flower pots and sparklers etc. Neighbors, family members, and friends gets collected in the evening party and enjoy the party with lots of delicious Indian dishes, dance, music, etc all through the night.

He had given a gift to his sister. People enjoy having yummy sweets, lighting the lamps for sparkling Diwali celebration. During Diwali we burn crackers, eat sweets and draw rangoli on our doorstep.junk food essay Diwali Celebration Essay essay writing on winter season find dissertation online zitieren.

Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival Find Information about Diwali, Dates, When and Why Diwali is Celebrated, and Five Days of Deepavali Celebrations. TRENDING: Jan. Information on Diwali (Deepawali) – Festival of Lights. Category: Indian Society On August 31, The primary festival of the Diwali celebrations coincides with the new moon night when it is darkest.

The date for main Diwali celebrations: Thursday, Essay on Diwali Festival. Diwali Essay - Find Diwali Essays ideas fron this page. See more essays on Diwali festival and know more information about Diwali festival celebration in India and Worldwide/5(). Essay on Diwali.

Diwali is celebrated across India over a period of 5 days. The days include Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdasi, Laxmi Puja, Balipratipada. Diwali, or Dipawali, is India's biggest and most important holiday of the year. The festival gets its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects from spiritual darkness.

This festival is as important to Hindus as the Christmas holiday is to Christians.

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Essay on diwali celebrations
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