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The Novel, author Edward Rutherfurd has written the epic New York which blends the year history of the city with a fictional narrative. Almost a third of the novel covers the Revolutionary War, beginning with the early tensions between England and the Colonies.

I love seeing cities like St. The early slave holders in the Master family gradually change to more progressive thinking, but are still torn even as slavery is abolished to holding to the old ways. As in all his books, the story follows the lives of a few fictional families through time, with historical events interwoven, including the rise of New York as the financial capital of the U.

When writing about a famous subject, to what extent do you have to play to expectations? What this book is about is freedom. Now he turns his keen academic eye toward the city that never sleeps. Rutherfurd gave my own history back to me in beautiful correct detail. Rutherfurd b egins his story on the small native fishing village on the island of Manna hata and takes the reader from fur-trading times, through British settlement, the formation of the union and eventually right up to the modern day city of sky scrapers.

How could he possibly explain his illegitimate daughter to his wife, the attractive and self-assured Margaretha de Groot? The Novel" is the first foray Essays about new york America for the British author, who as in previous works never hesitates to pause the narrative to explain to readers, in an easily understood way, the historical context of the time in which the action is unfolding.

In his seventh novel, New York, published by Doubleday last month, best-selling author Edward Rutherfurd — known for weaving together epic tales of historical fiction, as seen through the eyes of a number of families — traces the history of the city from to the present day.

The thing is meant to be entertaining and full of information, but there has to be, to keep me going, some guts in there. Not that there was much doubt, but "New York" is further proof that Rutherfurd is the reigning master of historical fiction, with every new release an important event.

And from the Irish, Italians, Jews among others, there are the waves of immigrants who come in search of a better life. The fictional Master family is divided, so both loyalist and patriot viewpoints are explored with perceptive sympathy, though without moral blinders.

Common themes, relationships and objects unite a long story into a coherent whole. Rutherfurd is a master at bringing to life the people and streets of the times, not just the events. Manhattan was founded on a misunderstanding. To enjoy his almost cinematic description of New Amsterdam in the mids when my too-many-greats-to-be-listed grandfather was a clerk from Delft, Netherlands for the Dutch West India Company and then opened a bar on Beaver Street, which could have been the same tavern mentioned in the book, sent chills up my spine.

If patriotism stirred the early New Yorker, it was about profit; it tended to leave the flag waving and fighting to the rest of the country. The lucrative slave trade that sustained the trading routes of the Dutch West India Company and the many others that developed in the first years was jeopardized by the threatening secession from the Union by the South.

To the Dutch, New Amsterdam. The characters, with few exceptions, are drawn with genuine depth; the plot offers numerous surprising twists; and a theme of real weight builds to a moving conclusion.

Throughout the book, you foreshadow September 11th, which then dominates the final section. It was great fun going out in a little launch to Ellis Island, bumping around the harbor. It did not grow crops; it traded them and invested the profits on Wall Street. New York was under British rule during much of the War, its merchant families mostly loyal to the Crown.

They and their families are portrayed in this epic saga covering the great events that shaped our new nation. As you walk through Manhattan now, are there favorite haunts that remind you of its history? To clear up a lingering question, is Edward Rutherfurd a nom-de-plume?

Glossary New York New York is a sweeping, four-century tale set in the most exciting city on earth. While the families themselves are fictional, the events happening around them and the people associated with those events are indeed real.

Inthe year in which Rutherfurd begins his latest sweeping historical novel, New York is New Amsterdam, a modest Dutch trading post of about 1, residents on an island the Native Americans called Manna Hata. This novel is almost as big as the Empire State Building…but it is worth the effort.

The Civil War was also viewed from afar. Overhead railways change to subways, and narrow streets turn into freeways and parkways. Larger-than-life historical characters fill the background: The chapter covering the Panic of is especially fascinating, given the obvious parallels with recent events: Rutherfurd, a specialist in multi-generational family sagas -- a genre he says was invented by James Michener -- had previously covered two millennia of history in "London," "Dublin," and "Russka.

As he marches through the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, two world wars, multiple waves of immigration, and the phoenix-like reemergence of a downtrodden New York as the vital center of the economic, social, and cultural universe at the end of the twentieth century, he interweaves the fascinating stories of a multitude of characters, all of whom were profoundly affected by the evolution of the largest and most complex American city.Administration Should Increase, Not Decrease, Fiscal Year (FY) Refugee Ceiling: New CMS Report Shows Refugees Successfully Integrate.

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