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Using the Relationship and Reputation lenses I determined the best option for the scenario, ensuring Yves access to Alan and notifying supervision that hospital policy was not Ethics game reflective journal.

Using the four Ethics game reflective journal ethical lenses allowed me to gain knowledge and insight into solving the ethical dilemmas I may face in my work place. Hospital policy states that domestic partners are to be treated equally as married couples.

Ethics Game

The Results Ethics game reflective journal focuses on the results we want in our community and how our actions contribute to the greater good of the community. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the ethical issues presented in the Ethics Game simulation, the decision-making process used to determine the solution to the dilemma, and apply concepts from the Ethical Lenses to my work place.

Ethics Ethical dilemmas surface daily in professional nursing practice. The Ethical Game simulation allowed me to identify the issue and provided a systematic approach to solving the ethical dilemma.

Rachel Banks, a pregnant16 year old female who arrived at the hospital has been in labor for more than 10 hours. The Results lens considers an act ethical if it creates the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The Ethics Game simulation allowed me to examine the decision making process used to tackle difficult ethical dilemmas.

The second dilemma concerned same-sex relationships and noncompliance with hospital policy. Given the length of her labor and the limited access to medical treatment by her parents, I am concerned about the risk of irreversible medical danger without the implementation of medical interventions.

Conclusion Facing ethical decisions daily can place added stress on overworked nurses. This simulation allowed me to recognize my own personal values, such as equality and compassion, which influence my decisions.

Martin and was admitted to the ICU. The case of polices and politics e-mail 1, para 2. The Relationship lens focuses on whether the processes we have set up in our community are just and remind us that the connection between individuals make up a community.

The ethical issue in this case is how to ensure domestic partners are treated fairly and equally as traditionally married couples. According to her brother, her parents were punishing her for getting pregnant out of wedlock by withholding pain medication and medical treatment EthicalGame.

Looking through these lenses I determined the best option for the scenario, ensuring the a safe delivery for the mother and baby. Ethical Lens Concepts Used In The Workplace In my workplace I face difficult ethical decisions associated with patient care and the policies set forth by the home care agency.

Decision Making Process An organized decision making process was utilized to make ethical decisions in the cases of the trouble teen and polices and politics. Looking through the Reputation lens an act is considered ethical if it is consistent with ethical behavior.

Whether you work in acute care, long-term care, hospice care, ambulatory care, managed care, or public health care chances are you will be responsible for making decisions in a situation of ethical concern.

Being prepared to make decisions in an ethical dilemma helps reduce stress. Alan Trottier was brought to the hospital by his domestic partner, Yves St. Identifying my personal values and gaining knowledge of the Ethical Lenses allows me to minimize unnecessary conflict at work and deal directly with the situation at hand.

The Reputation lens focuses on whether we are demonstrating the virtues that are valued by our community for people who are in our role. In addition, I would notify supervision that hospital policy was not followed by the shift supervisor.

The Relationship and Reputation lenses were used in the simulation to determine a solution to the ethical dilemma in policies and politics case. Using this decision making process I determined the solution to the ethical dilemma of the troubled teen, to involve the assigned nurse and the parents in assessing the need for medical intervention and provide contacts for continued support and education.

The ethical issue in this case is how to ensure a safe delivery and provide adequate medical attention to both the mother and baby. Her parents decided to limit the amount of medication and medical treatment she received.

Alan was unconscious for days without a definitive diagnosis and the shift supervisor was restricting Yves access to his partner.Ethics Game Reflective Journal The Ethics Game Simulation reflected two different situations in which G-Biosport were faced with.

The first case was the Case of Fair Warning and the second was the Case of Stringent Standard. Ethical Dilemmas Presented The first case presented in the Ethics Game simulation involves a pregnant minor and her parents.

Rachel Banks, a pregnant16 year old female who arrived at the hospital has been in labor for more than 10 hours. After reading the two case studies presented, I will discuss in my reflective journal how the ethical issues were presented, the steps taken in the decision-making process to ethically address the issues, the lenses used and how these lenses influenced the decisions made, and also how these can relate to the workplace.

This journal contains the reflection of the Ethics Game simulation assignment. The purpose of this paper is to describe the steps and process that I used to answer the ethical questions involved in two simulation games: The case of the troubled Teen and Policies and Politics.

Ethics Game Simulation. • Write a to 1, word reflective journal in which you address the following: o Define and defend decisions you made in the simulation. o Describe the relationship between concepts of virtue, values, and morals in the simulation.

o Provide examples of how concepts in this simulation relate to your workplace.

Ethics Game Reflective Journal

o. Ethics Game Simulation reflective journal MGT/ November 30, Ethics Game Simulation reflective journal I believe the simulation game is a great way to learn and practice about ethic issues is amazing way to prevent situations that can happen to me in the real life also can happen to all.

The issues was clear present in the simulation, I.

Ethics game reflective journal
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