Geography cbd coursework

All the data in the Group Data was to be shared between all the groups. Identifying the location of the CBD in How you worked in groups How you designed your data collection sheet — you MUST explain what data you wanted to collect, how you were going to collect the data e.

An overall judgement of an area — the shopping area is divided into zones: The most amount of traffic that had come past our point the highest number of vehicles an hour was at 2. As it is based on personal judgements the data collected using environmental quality surveys is subjective.

What did you actually collect and how? You could also draw on traffic restrictions etc. Also we did land use of the buildings for this we calculated what particular use a building would be. Temporal changes might involve students looking at land use within a defined area, looking at individual buildings to record their current land use, and compare with historic land uses in order to identify and quantify change.

Six radial transects from the CBD of a small town. If you have any problems in reading any of the buildings — please make sure you come and see me at a lunchtime or breaktime.

We did this because the categories gave an idea of the type of land and what it was used for. Group data For our group data we split the CBD into grid squares and two people were responsible for recording the building height and land use for the buildings in the given area and to do four pedestrian flows and we did the pedestrians flow outside the Town Hall on Westgate.

You could us the same technique to compare how a place changes over different days of the week or at different times of day. If you want to use GIS to locate your sites on a map or to display your data, you need to record your location as latitude and longitude.

I did many of the environmental quality assessments around the centre of the CBD which I think it is near or on Briggate and I did the rest of the environmental quality assessment sheets around the edges of the CBD.

Think of a single word that sums up that area. In our traffic count we had counted all the vehicles that came passed the road, cars, buses, taxis e. Geographical Background Theoretical Background.

Geography Coursework – Methodology – Centre Of Leeds’ CBD

In the second part of the day we did Individual Data. This is to be handed in next Tuesday — 1st July GCSE Coursework Posted by R Chambers on June 25, My apologies for not having the blog sorted out earlier, there has been alot going on recently, but hopefully this will now be helpful to you as you start the major writing up stages.

You have all been given instructions sheets for AEGIS but they can also be downloaded from the key documents section. Were there any problems on the day or things that affected data collection? Locations chosen during fieldwork — select representative locations to carry out the survey — these could be the worst place in that area, the best place in that area and an average place in that area.

Remember the intention is to look at the land-uses in the four streets in the s — hence the classification according to land-use. Luckily we had successfully had no problems classifying the buildings into different categories.

Geography Fieldwork

Recording site location The easiest way to accurately record the locations of your sampling sites is to use a GPS — there are many different Smartphone apps that will allow you to do this. These can then be put into a word cloud e.

Land Use For this we used the ground floor land use of each building on our maps; we had certain categories and we put them in the ones which best fitted the land use. Transect — along the transects used for recording spatial changes in land use you could also complete an environmental quality survey every m, either a summary of the last m, or based on the immediate area.

AEGIS is a digital mapping programme which can help you make good use of maps in both your street write up and analysis. We went to the Town Hall on Westgate and we counted the number of pedestrians who were walking either in or out of the CBD.

Alternatively you could record the land use for individual buildings — in this example the main shopping streets were identified from the town shopping website and these were used as the basis for the sampling strategy, recording land use of each building.

Construct a table to use in the field. Create maps to show heights of buildings on each street 4. We have used the Goad map as a way of identifying what the land-use was in St Ives in and enabling us to carry out a land-use survey based on a secondary resource.

We thought this was an ideal to do our pedestrian count as we were near the edge of the CBD, so it was an ideal place to count the number of pedestrians walking in and out of the CBD. I think that the amount of categories that sort out the buildings was the right amount because if there were more categories it would have made it more complicated to organise the Land use on GIS, if there was less categories then it would have made it hard to organise the different types of buildings in the categories.

The individual secondary data that I will be collecting is: Re-photography Re-photography means that you look for old photographs and try to take a photograph of how exactly the same place looks today.

CBD coursework

Land values The structure of the day was that we were going to split the day into two halves. Locations chosen before fieldwork — before leaving for the fieldwork a number of survey points are chosen selected using a random, systematic or stratified sample.The CBD is located in the centre because it is: a central location for road/railways to converge the most accessible location for workers accessible to most people for shops and businesses To help.

Geography Department at The Windsor Boys' School. Here are a few examples of the controlled assessment, including the mark schemes and what the examiner is looking for.

Geography GCSE coursework, land use analyses. Finding the CBD in Perth. As we progressed I expected the major use would remain residential, however, with less open space and the housing to be more terraced with a.

Geography Coursework How does the demand for land and Geography moulds the world around us and affects the activities in our daily lives.

It is present everywhere, from cities to mountains and from the oceans to the foothills. of Houston which is the central business district. The purpose of our study was to. Geography Coursework Gcse Cbd. Geography GCSE coursework, land use analyses.

Finding the CBD in in the middle of a city where it is most accessible for the population. The CBD is usually the oldest part of the city and has nbsp. St Ivo School Geography Department. In your street write-ups (for advice on how to do this see next posting) – you will need to make good use of maps, graphs etc.

AEGIS is a digital mapping programme which can help you make good use of maps in both your street write up and analysis.

Geography cbd coursework
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