How to write a 3 minute christian testimony time

They sounded like they should be true, so I kept them. Or, perhaps, Christians have abused them, so they may have a skewed view of Christ and Christians. It was nice to see that the audience clapped after each testimony, even though I had not prompted them to do so!

Would you like to hear what I have learned?

The 3-Minute Teen Testimony

Help them understand that they need to receive Christ too, and can respond to His free gift of Grace by turning from their sins and placing their trust in Jesus.

Only what I found was that even when it looked like I was successful, that success had a shelf life. Included are some key points and questions you can ask yourself to help you prepare your testimony. She was going out with friends or bringing them home who were examples of Christ.

Three-Minute Testimony

Or, would you like to hear what has deeply satisfied me? You can download this powerpoint below: From childhood, I had believed that Jesus had died for my sins and that He had risen from the dead, but I had never known Jesus as Lord until I had prayed that prayer coming home from high school one day.

How did I bring my heart into conformity with what my mind, my computer, told me was right. Pray, and ask our Lord to give you wisdom and direction. Avoid arguing and using other high pressure methods to obtain a decision for Christ. The changes in my life that followed further confirmed the reality that Jesus Christ was truly in my life.

The three minute testimony has much benefit. Afterwards, each one of them told their testimony in front of everyone. Remember, the same Christ lives in you whether you trusted Him early or later in life. To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

This is where you can share the Gospel message that God loves you, and that although the reality of sin dictates that all of humanity has sinned and will be judged and condemned, the great news is that Christ has paid the penalty of death. Realize that you are sharing your life experiences and encounter with Christ just as you would share anything with another person, with the exception that this is much more vital and important, and has eternal how to write a 3 minute christian testimony time.

Life after you received Christ changes He has made, what He means to you now. I would love to help you understand why I go to church, and what it is and is not all about.

It was MY responsibility to make my marriage work I failedto be a man my daughter could look up to I probably failed here more often than I succeededto find success in my career, to love my neighbor as they loved me.

We do not stand alone. We are established by His Truth, and we must let our words show this! Pour out your heart.

If you have communicated this in a way that the person understands, you have successfully evangelized them whether they make a decision at that moment or not. Your Christian experience is your reality that you can share with someone else when the door opens to do that.

Do you know where and how to start? Refer them to someone else who has been there. These are general facts; no gross details necessary.

You should have two testimonies, a real short one that is one-half to one minute long, and one that is longer, two to four minutes long. It has now been 6 months since I knelt and prayed to God and asked him to forgive my sins. Use some things such as feeling empty, fear, no meaning to life, something missing, no real friends, lack of purpose, no real motivation, lack of peace, loneliness, guilt, despair, searching for self worth, drugs, desire to be in control, broken home, etc.

Once He had me, whatever needed correcting would be taken care of by Him in His own time and way with or without my conscious cooperation. I tried and I tried and I tried to be a good, kind, intelligent person. And, the great news is, you can do it too. I am out of time.

It was there that I met a Jewish boy who later was to find Jesus as his Messiah. I will respond immediately with any suggestions needed to improve your testimony. The more people involved and the more time spent in prayer, the more effective your efforts will be and more glory will be directed to our Lord.

But sometimes in our sharing the message of the gospel, circumstances beyond our control may not allow for more than five minutes to share what led us to Jesus as the answer to our needs, how we received Him as Lord and Savior, and the change that Jesus has brought into our lives since that day we received Him as Savior and Lord.

When you have only five minutes to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to someone, having written and memorized a three minute testimony makes this possible and even leaves room for the person to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord if he is ready at that moment to do so.

She found another church here in our small town who has an amazing youth fellowship.Every time we tell our story (our testimony) we give honor and glory to God, and He is pleased with that.

Give the details about why and how you became a Christian. Communicate in such a way that the person you are talking with, and anyone who overhears you, can understand how they can become a Christian, too. Pray before.

We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. 1 John To be an effective witness of our Lord, we need to have a well-prepared testimony, and it needs to be written out.

A testimony means we profess our faith publicly to a person or multiple persons. We share who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

Christian Testimonies

This is not just for the professional pastor or evangelist; rather it is a call for all who are in Christ.

TESTIMONY WORKSHEET Life as a non-Christian: Attitude, behavior, etc: Write it out, practice it, and be prepared A carefully prepared testimony, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can be of immediate and effective use in nearly every witnessing situation. It should be our desire to present Christ in such a clear, attractive, yet.

Study Questions Chapter 5. Writing A Three Minute Testimony Through Relationship With Jesus. The purpose of writing a three minute testimony is not to restrict the ministry of Jesus through the Holy Spirit in our lives individually, but rather to aid the ministry of Jesus through the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Your Personal Testimony How to Prepare Your 3 Minute Personal Testimony • Keep within your time limit of 3 minutes. • Write your testimony first and foremost for a non-Christian audience. Later you can tweak it to your shoes of the non-Christian, and write from that perspective.

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How to write a 3 minute christian testimony time
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