How to write a field report archaeology find

Plagiarism is a serious offense.

You must reach a verdict by deciding in favor of one or the other. Evaluate all arguments and evidence yourself. Summarize the field work. Do not plagiarize yourself. Include a title page and an abstract; double space everything; paginate the text; use headings and subheadings to divide the text; make sure that every citation in the text is in the bibliography and vice versa; use dates consistently and explain conventions e.

The report must document features and artifacts uncovered through the use of remote sensing, walkover surveys, shovel testing and excavations. Once you start writing, bear in mind that one draft of your paper is inadequate. Just as you cannot cut and paste from a printed source, it is completely unacceptable, under any circumstances, to cut and paste even a word from the Internet without attribution.

Do you present only positive evidence to support your hypothesis this weakens a paperor do you consider negative evidence in an attempt to challenge the hypothesis always best?

Other Points to Remember Write a detailed outline before you begin your research. When you use any source it is absolutely necessary to provide a full and accurate citation of it. That is a subject, which is both broad and unspecific.

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Each state also has its own set of standards and guidelines. It is not acceptable to paraphrase or copy the work of others. You are responsible for creating your work from your own imagination and based on original research. Use figures, charts, graphs and tables to present the information in an easy-to-understand way.

A possible answer to this topical question is an hypothesis or thesis, e. Archaeologists use data compiled from research, field work and scientific or specialist analysis to document and report on archaeological sites, surveys or research.

Negative results are a productive form of research. Always provide sufficient detail for the reader to know where you obtained your information, and include the author, year of publication, place of publication, and specific page numbers.

Keep your writing simple and use declarative sentences and direct verbs, avoiding the passive voice e.

Report and Article Writing

What questions remain to be answered? Include copies of field notes, maps and photographs. Figures are not window dressing: The report must include a literature review. Lynne has been writing professionally since Remember that web sites, blogs, and similar sources may be unfiltered opinion and not data.

Experienced writers write many drafts, typically three or more. She writes about business, real estate and health and wellness topics. Specific page numbers for large books must be cited. Contact the local State Historic Preservation Office for state-specific guidelines. The photographs should be used to enhance the report and must be relevant and in the right location within the text, which is also true of the illustrative figures.

Include sampling and recording techniques. The report must list all photographs, figures, charts, graphs and tables presented in the report with the page number where they are found. Getting Started What subject do you find interesting?

Proficient — Is able to envisage the completed report or publication with confidence and can assemble the required elements to create a section for a document or article with accompanying figures and images that can be submitted for editing.

Writing Guide in Archaeology

The standards and guidance for archaeological documentation can be dependant on both the target audience and the body who required the report or publication, however the basic outline will remain the same. Posted in Tertiary Skills A broad subject, but you may assist significantly in the creation of a full project report, popular article or news report.

Atlases, ethnographies, historical maps, oral histories, photographs and tax records place the site within both a historical and cultural context. Use primary sources such as published books and articles in peer-reviewed journals, and limit your use of secondary sources such as textbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

It must introduce your subject, topic, and hypothesis, discuss the significance of the problem, describe your research, and give an outline of your conclusions. A simple line graph depicting declining rainfall in the Bronze Age may show the severity of a drought affecting the Mycenaeans more clearly than the presentation of quantitative data in a table.How to Write an Archaeological Report Archaeologists use data compiled from archival research, field work and laboratory analysis to document an archaeological site.

The National Park Service published "The Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic. How to write a field report.

Category. Aug 09,  · Hiya, I have to write a field report related to the dig I was on for 2 weeks in early July, for my university, but they haven't told me how to write a field report, or given me any indication of how to find out (I think that might be part of the "test", but I may also just be suspicious and paranoid.

Hahaha. I doubt the latter).Status: Resolved. Watch our latest video report from the field and see what the field school students are doing at Johnson’s Island! Posted in Archaeology for Educators, Field Reports | 2 Comments. Make note of unexpected findings while you are in the field.

Summarize the field work. The report must document features and artifacts uncovered through the use of remote sensing, walkover surveys, shovel testing and excavations. Lynne, R. "How to Write an Archaeological Report." Synonym, https: How to Write a Fieldwork Report.

Related. Writing Guide in Archaeology Introduction The ability to write a good research paper is an essential skill and this handout will help you improve your paper writing skills in archaeology. How do I write an archaeological field report?

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How to Write an Archaeological Report

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How to write a field report archaeology find
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