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This sequence is designed for students who have both a strong interest and ability in mathematics. One simple bit of maths can predict what proportion of the population needs to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of viruses.

This topic links to graph theory. The portfolio also allows students to work without the time constraints of a written examination and to develop the skills they need for communicating mathematical ideas. This course is designed for students who require a basic college preparatory course in mathematics.

This method of protecting the population is called herd immunity This graphic above shows how herd immunity works. The course focuses on introducing important mathematical concepts through the development of mathematical techniques. Look at how infectious Ebola really is.

Voting systems 11 Flatland by Edwin Abbott — This famous book helps understand how to imagine extra dimension. This course goes into greater depth in all the topics studied in IB Math Standard plus it includes additional topics such as complex numbers, polynomial functions, additional trigonometry, vectors, and additional topics in statistics and probability.

You can watch a short video on it here 12 Towers of Hanoi puzzle — This famous puzzle requires logic and patience. Explore the maths behind code making and breaking.

Topics from geometry include congruence, similarity, and properties of figures, right triangles and measurement such as perimeter, area and volume. This course is comparable to a pre-calculus course and thus reviews and extends the concepts studied in Algebra 2 and Geometry, especially polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions, matrices, and probability and statistics.

Modelling Infectious Diseases

This particular problem was solved by Euler. Also look at the finances behind Premier league teams 10 Is there a correlation between Premier League wages and league position?

And anyway, there is the fundamental problem A nice starting point for students good at coding — who want to put these skills to the test mathematically.

The use of regression in polling predictions. New concepts include polynomial functions and their transformations, circle trigonometry, trigonometric equations and functions, trigonometric identities. Topics related to MCAS are reviewed throughout.

As well as providing information to health workers about the levels of vaccination needed to protect a population, it also helps govern first response actions when new diseases potentially emerge on a large scale for example, Bird flu, SARS and Ebola have all merited much study over the past few years.

Are maths students better than history students? Specific topics will include linear, quadratic, exponential and trigonometric functions and equations; inequalities; operations with polynomials; sequences and series; operations with functions including inverse and composition of functions; an introduction to probability and statistics; and triangle trigonometry.

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Maths IA – Exploration Topics

The internally assessed component, the portfolio, offers students a framework for developing independence in their mathematical learning by engaging in mathematical investigation and mathematical modeling. Investigate some rocket science! This two year course caters for students who already possess knowledge of basic mathematical concepts, and who are equipped with the skills needed to apply simple mathematical techniques correctly.


The video links are a great resource and the handouts practical. This topics provides a fascinating introduction to both combinatorial Game Theory and Group Theory. Another important parameter is R0, this is defined as how many people an infectious person will pass on their infection to in a totally susceptible population.

They are useful for modelling more complex shapes. An important part of Math Studies 2 is the independent project. In the first scenario no members of the population are immunised, and that leads to nearly all the population becoming ill — but in the third scenario, enough members of the population are immunised to act as buffers against the spread of the infection to non-immunised people.

A1 Explain how the definition of the meaning of rational exponents follows from extending the properties of integer exponents to those values, allowing for a notation for radicals in terms of rational exponents.

Represent vector quantities by directed line segments, and use appropriate symbols for vectors and their magnitudes e.Read the publication. Contact +91 or [email protected] com for unique solution or help for all IB Diploma Maths / Math / Mathematics IB DP HL,SL Portfolio task / coursework like Circles / circle Math SL type 1 IA.

May 10,  · Maths IA – Exploration Topics. September 3, in IB Maths, Real life maths, ToK maths Squaring the circle: This is a puzzle from ancient times – which was to find out whether a square could be created that had the same area as a given circle. It is now used as a saying to represent something impossible.

IB Standard Level. IB Mathematics SL. COURSE DESCRIPTION: The portfolio also allows students to work without the time constraints of a written examination and to develop the skills they need for communicating mathematical ideas.

interpreted as radian measures of angles traversed counterclockwise around the unit circle. killarney10mile.com-TF.A.3.

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Ib Sl Math Circles Portfolio Essay OPA Circle Style The three circles ; O, P and A intersect to create an interesting investigation regarding circles. Since this is a Calculus course, the investigation does have to deal with Derivatives. IB Math Studies SL 1, Grade 11, 1 Credit IB Math Studies 1 is the first course of the two-year IB sequence.

This course is designed for students who require a basic college preparatory course in mathematics. IB Maths Portfolio help, IB maths HL/SL portfolio, IB maths Portfolio complex number, IB maths portfolio dice game, IB maths portfolio fish production, Ib maths portfolio filling up the petrol tank, IB maths portfolio shadow function, IB maths portfolio gold medal heights, Ib maths portfolio Lacasps fraction, IB maths portfolio circles, IB maths portfolio .

Ib math sl circle portfolio
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