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Congress legislated insider trading as damaging practice for financial markets, delegating to the SEC regulating responsibilities. Insider trading is illegal. Look at nelson Mandela.

Being a busy person and well networked her ears in the stock market had to be those of the broker and it was best if she also liquidated whatever ImClone stock she had. This can be proved by the message she left for Sam Waksal before selling her shares. Finding a perfect fit between utilitarian theory and insider trading is not obvious.

Martha knowingly engaged in an illegal behavior to shield the broker and his assistant however, this is what earned her the hefty charge and jail term. The Securities and Exchange Commission specifies that insider-trading activities meet specific definitions with the basic one being that executives of a company have a fiduciary responsibility to investors.

Still, part of scholars strongly state that insider trading can have favourable, morally acceptable, sides which may change the current "black picture".

In the same category, the SEC included "tipping" inside information, trading by the "tipped" ones, and trading by persons who steal this information. In his research Leland showed that insider trading can have several benefits such as i shares prices reacting better and higher; ii markets delivering increased expected real investment; iii decreased liquidity; iv gains for both, insider traders and owners of investment projects; v "outside investors and liquidity traders will be hurt".

In this case, Martha had no fiduciary responsibility but the CEO had. If the overall effects on market are positive, can we draw the conclusion that what is good for market and, implicitly, for society and people is also morally acceptable?

In general insider trading practices are perceived as unfair and immoral behaviours with very bad consequences for markets and society, preventing equality among market players.

If the legal requirements for insider trading are clear, rigidly specified by the law, not the same think can be said about the ethical approach of insider trading. In other words, not disclosing non-public information and taking benefits of this action is not wrong.

This report will examine the theories applicable to insider trading legally and morality depending on the effects that insider trading may have on financial markets evolution. The same reasoning can be applied if we supplement this variation of information among traders with inside information.

When trading securities the estimation of gains and losses is almost impossible. A short overview of the arguments developed by these authors will be next presented. She suffered a hefty loss almost four times what she could have lost if she kept the shares.

Many saintly people have gone to prison. As an exemplification, inMa and Sun summarized the motives for which managers or shareholders would involve in insider trading as being: The insider trading issue has been discussed for the first time in economic literature by St.

Moore examined the ethical reasons against insider trading, such as unfairness, misappropriation of information and damages to good-faith investors and markets, concluding that insider trading real harm are its effects on fiduciary relationships. What has made her immensely famous is the investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for insider trading.

In conclusion, as long as the traders were performed on inside information, the actions effects are no longer relevant for the law. Insider trading can have favourable effects on financial markets.

Is Insider Trading Moral Or Illegal Finance Essay

Later on inshe had a television show, which was an outstanding success and marketing tool for the brand name. In Manne divided these shareholders into investors and traders based on their intentions timeline: The section censures only the profits obtained in less than six months period U.

Werhane stated that insider trading is "unfair to shareholders and other managers from whom that information is withheld". If Martha Stewart had initially agreed to the fact that the broker had given her some information and this was the reason for the quick sale of her shares or even if she could have just not sold the shares after she got the information she could avoided the jail term.

Supporting the theory of rights Ali argues that it can be successfully applied only if the property limits are specified for both parties, which is not always the case for insider trading.

The information can be delivered by a company insider, like executives or employees. Furthermore, there is no legal obligation to share it with other players unless a previous contract with clear provisions exists.

Regardless the action initiated by one party, the final result is the same: InAbdolmohammadi, M, and Sultan, J. Summarizing, the insider trading can be proved with the existence of two criteria: The rights theory encounters the same problem as utilitarian theory.

In assessing the morality issue of insider trading three dimensions can be considered: Another ethical issue that is seen in the case is why the executive breached the law when he forged the signature of the company counsel whereas he knew exceptionally well that the shares he was about to sell were held as collateral for loans.Ethical of insider trading It is unethical to engage in the insider trading no matter how the share price of a company is –increase or decrease in the future.

Essay on Ethics on Insider Trading - Insider trading laws vary significantly from countries to countries. The conduct for the most part associates with illegal conduct. There seems to be general agreement in most countries that the practice is morally wrong. My opinion on insider trading from ethics of duty approach, also commonly known as.

This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Insider Trading: Legality & Morality. Free Essay: Stock exchanges worldwide are complex, seemingly sentient centers of trade. Many transactions are processed at such exchanges and millions of.

In the latest years insider trading scandals were, very often, holding the first page of well-known journals or news TV channels. Pushed by mass media, the public perception on insider trading has been tailored as something wrong, unethically scandalous, with bad influences on everybody's welfare.

Professor Braun Business Ethics 16 October Insider Trading In a securities market there are winners and losers, people who get good prices and people who get bad prices.

Other things equal, the person with the best information about what is being bought or sold stands in the best position to find bargains and get the best price.

Insider trading ethics essay
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