Mri capital purchase justification report

The charges on MRI imaging are quite high and are enough for the hospital to recoup its investment on the equipment. Factors that Enhance the ROI of this Equipment Despite having huge initial cost of investment and additional cost of learning the equipment, investment in MRI is still a viable investment because of the huge opportunity that this equipment creates.

Enhanced imaging quality Another advantage of the MRI equipment is enhanced imaging quality. Additional costs are also incurred in the operation of this equipment. There also a handful of other factors that enhance the return potential of this equipment.

The purchase decision of MRI machine requires an extensive research as the machine is so much expensive. Higher quality imaging The MRI equipment uses technology, which enables high-resolution 3D imaging with a lot of clarity. The technology enables 3D imaging with high resolution and clarity Siemens, This is an additional benefit to the company since the simplicity of the equipment reduces the cost associated with training personnel to use the equipment Siemens, Apart from the initial cost of purchasing the equipment there would be an additional cost operating and maintaining the equipment.

The above figures are a clear indication that the MRI equipment can provide the hospital with an adequate return on investment. Cost of the Equipment This report recommends Siemens 1.

This makes the purchase of the machine prudent because of the need for imaging that is increasing. There are also some additional costs, which are incurred during the daily operation of the machine.

Capital Purchase Justification - Research Paper Example

There is an excellent return Mri capital purchase justification report investment in the MRI because of the variety of uses it has in a clinical setting Keefer, Quantitative MRI of the Brain: Handbook of Breast MRI.

Other factors that enhance the returns from the equipment include: Investments decisions especially on major capital equipment must factor in various considerations. This is because the prices changed on imaging services are reasonably high to cover the investment cost while the demand for these services is also high.

There is also increasing demand for imaging services. First of all the equipment has been designed to eliminate the use of cryogen which makes it easier and cheaper to Mri capital purchase justification report and maintain the machine Siemens, With such high quality imaging capability, the hospital will most likely record an increase in imaging referrals, which would increase the returns on the MRI machine Price, The reduced scan time is an added advantage to the institution as it would enable the serving of greater number of patient as well as ensuring proper utilization of man power.

Many patients do not care about expenditure but they are seeking for advanced technology that exists in your hospital. The machine has the capacity to display results immediately after the scan and even during the scan.

The other factors such as increased speed of performing scans, higher imaging quality and a variety of clinical application also contribute to the profitability of the investment in this machine. With such enormous costs involved in the operation of the machine, there are other factors, which justify the purchase of this equipment, mentioned in the report.

The demand for imaging is also growing with an increase in the recorded cases of cancer. Siemens estimate the cost of operating MRI machine with a 1.

Variety of clinical applications One of the biggest advantages of MRI equipment is that it can be used to diagnose medical conditions in the heart, breast, bones, spine, and brain.

This makes the equipment ideal for identifying tumors, injuries, cardiovascular conditions, stroke and blockages in the circulatory system Siemens, Wide range of clinical application, enhanced imaging quality, reduced scan time and cost saving features are other factors that enhances the profitability of this investment.

Increased scanning speed The MRI machine increases the speed of performing scans with its new technology features.

Purchase Justification For Mri

Despite this huge cost the MRI machine is a viable investment option for a hospital machine. This makes diagnosis of conditions such tumors and blockages in blood vessel disease a lot easier to detect Siemens, This study is carried out to analyze the justification of Capital purchase justification for MRI machines.

This means that equipment will be widely utilized in the clinical setting resulting in greater returns on investment. With a growing need for imaging services, these figures are indication that the MRI equipment is capable of making returns that can justify the expenditure made on this equipment.

The MRI can be used to examine medical conditions in the brain, heart, spine, abdomen, breast and bones. It will also increase the revenue as the patient will receive further attention and media treatment with additional service provided by your hospital.Report; Read Complete Research Material.

Tweet: Purchase Justification for MRI Capital Purchase Justification of MRI Machine Introduction MRI is an abbreviation for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is the machine which is used for taking the digital pictures of the internal body organs of the human.

The purchase decision of MRI. 2 Running Head: Capital Purchase Justification Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (MRI) is an essential instrument used by an MRI technician to examine a patient’s symptoms.

The MRI scan gives confirmation to the existence or nonexistence to most pathology. Even though diagnosing a patient requires series of lab work, examination. Essay about Capital Justification.

Words Apr 24th, 4 Pages. Capital Purchase Justification However, this report recommends an investment in the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment.

This equipment involves a large capital investment upfront, but it can be profitable in the end. The hospital has considered. For groups looking to avoid a large initial capital outlay, a mobile unit can be a good way to gauge volume and reimbursement potential. Glenning: Any sound decision to purchase MRI will come.

Capital Purchase Justification Introduction According to the hospital’s five-year plan, an investment in capital equipment should boost the quality of services offered at the hospital. Many options of capital investments that hospital could invest in exist. However, this report recommends an investment in the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment.

This equipment involves a large capital. Capital Purchase Justification Grand Canyon University HCA Purchasing new MRI scanners would be a good investment for the hospital.

If one takes into consideration, operating costs along with repairing and purchase of the product alone.

Mri capital purchase justification report
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