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Critically the module also aims at developing practical skills on when and how to apply the different tools and techniques, and critically review the results.

The compound is inspired by previous work done in the lab of John R. It considers the role of condensing boilers, heat pumps, combined heat and power CHP and absorption chilling, as well as conventional heating ventilation air conditioning HVAC plant, in the consumption of energy in buildings.

Outside the office Yair likes travelling, and is a keen photographer of both nature and urban scenes. Wilfer, Moritz Georgia Institute of Technology, This work proposes a comprehensive querying database system based on an enhanced entity relationship EER model.

Kota Pavan, Sriharsha Kota Georgia Institute of Technology, Ever since the first successful demonstration of the fiber-optic systems incommercial systems have been using multimode fibers MMF for short reach applications as the preferred medium of transmission due to their Geibel, Timm Dennis Georgia Institute of Technology, Austenitic stainless steels have a wide range of applications in the energy industry due to their high temperature performance and high corrosion resistance.

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To be part of the wellbeing revolution, see further information on www. This is no longer enough and buildings will also be expected to directly contribute to the health and wellbeing of the people who live, work and learn inside them. A case study of a 7 year retrofit in Chester Road, London Theodoros Darviris Investigation of passive measures to mitigate indoor overheating risk following energy efficient retrofit in London mid-terraced dwellings Vasileios Flegkas Post Occupancy Energy Evaluation of a high specification office refit in Central London: An analysis of measured stress data and TCAD simulations for a A New Emphasis By Clive Shrubsole, on 23 May The reality of climate change has had a dramatic impact on the built environment world wide.

He has been involved in air pollution research since starting in the Bartlett infirstly developing air pollution monitoring equipment, now commercially available from Signal Instruments under its original name StreetBox.

One way of transporting them is by attaching the payloads vertically to bridge cranes in double-pendulum configurations. The water use by companies to perform their operations has become increasingly scrutinized as a result.

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Luka Oreskovic Thermal comfort of outdoor public spaces in hot and humid climates: Sherer, Thomas Georgia Institute of Technology, Latent heat thermal energy storage TES is becoming an increasingly popular approach for effective energy conservation. Hollett, Joshua Stuart Georgia Institute of Technology, In this thesis, a novel chromophore-catalyst molecular assembly is synthesized in the pursuit of affecting rapid water oxidation driven by light.

He was responsible for the MSc dissertation module from untiland has directly supervised well over dissertations covering a wide range of topics within the area of environmental design and engineering. He has developed 10 new optional modules for the MSc EDE course with colleagues; these modules are specialised and grounded in research carried out within the Bartlett.

Energy Systems Modelling Focuses on the development of energy and environment scenarios, covering aspects from policy objectives, and the use of data and models to build scenarios and use them to inform policy.

This work is also Priorities captured through the process are then translated into a building brief and specification.

UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

UCL IEDE with its world wide expertise have been at the forefront of research into the health impacts of sustainable construction and have closely monitored this change in focus and the need for a new generation of trained professionals who are familiar with the issues of health in building construction.

The low-energy retrofit of a XIX century block of flats in Rome. We use PHPP and criticise case study retrofits, hopefully incorporating a site visit. Georgia Institute of Technology, This thesis presents a formulation for an adaptive COMET method for solving whole reactor eigenvalue and flux distribution problems using a varying flux expansion at mesh interfaces.

Examples of recent dissertations

Efficient Building Services Systems Deals with the energy implications of the selection and control of the heating and cooling systems in buildings.

This module investigates the potential for active and passive solar heating, passive cooling in different types of buildings, covering passive building design and operative issues. Deals with the principles and practice of building environmental analysis and the methods of assessing the environmental performance of existing and proposed buildings and their attendant services.

Within the field of IRT, much attention has been given to the issue of dimensionality assessment for item responses that are consistent Topics of current or recent students include: Initial research focussed on outdoor air pollution in the street, using carbon monoxide as a proxy. They have been successful in attracting students from across UCL and in providing teaching experience for researchers, in several cases helping them gain permanent lecturing positions.

Term 2 Compulsory Modules Building Solar Design Provides the basic tools whereby building designers can make decisions concerning the effectiveness of the various solar heating and cooling strategies. The programme has the ability to become a passive environmental design tool within the office, offering layout suggestions, based on environmental criteria, which can inform decision making.Theses and dissertations published prior to are available to the Georgia Tech community only (GT ID and password required), unless permission to make a document available worldwide has been received from the author.

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MSc (Systems and Project Management) Dr. Chen Songlin Please take note that registration of the Dissertation title is mandatory and must be completed by the end of your first semester if you are a full-time student.

MSc Thesis Index MSc Author Index MScres Thesis Index MScres Author Index Home. C.l.a.v.e.T.r.a.c.r - Computerised Live Agents with Varying Estimations of Tempo for Real-time Collective Response (MSc Thesis) EDI-INF-IM Ede, G EDI-INF-IM Around then I started helping to supervise dissertations and giving the occasional lecture.

In I took on the Health and Comfort Module, and around the same time started to co-ordinate all of the dissertations.

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

I also was producing some early web pages for the EDE course and in we developed the Methods of Environmental Analysis module. Examples of recent dissertations.

A selection of recent Masters Dissertations: Tom Cudmore. Phillipa Collings. Owen Daggett. Michael Gallagher. Natasha Ginks. Robert Yates. Events. At DMU there is always something to do or see, check out our events for yourself.

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Msc ede dissertation
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