Nabisco and favorite cookie

If you have issues with a specific Nabsico product include the lot number, expiration date and other relevant information in the body of your email. Lets not let this generation chalk up these stories to the old "I walked a mile in the snow, uphill to school when I was young" Let them taste for themselves!!!!

Your call will be transferred to a customer service agent within a few seconds of the call being answered by the automated system. This cookie along with milk is delicious fun As my 6 year old and I were eating mallomars he asked what my favourite cookie was when I was I kid What they should really do is to bring back to the markets a "Nabisco Nostalgia Line" of cookies However all were discontinued because they were vastly outsold by another Nabisco favorite - Mallomars, which today still have a cult following in the New York City areabecause they are only sold from October through March because they have a real chocolate coating and Nabisco does not have refrigerated trucks to deliver them in warm weather.

Also, the jelly in the marshmallow cookies was either an apricot or orange marmalade most likely the apricot. On my way to work in the morning, many of us passengers converse and many times its about food.

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Barnum, the greatest self-promoter in history, had absolutely nothing to do with the box that bears his name. Some folks tell us the cookie was called Mallows or Mellows. The cookie part was soft and crumbly and melted in your mouth, and the marshmallow filling was just right, not too sweet.

Food Timeline Marshmallow Sandwich cookies Nabisco Remember a cookie composed of soft marshmallow gently pressed between two soft vanilla wafers?

As another writer recalled, inside the box which had a reclosable flap was wax paper, and yes the cookies would stick to it a little as you pulled them out!! The last time I recall even seeing them was aroundmaybe even a little earlier than that.

These cookies were so delicious that we started buying 2 boxes so that we could have the whole box to ourselves. My fondest memories of anything sweet were these wonderful treats for from Nabisco. They were definitely packaged in a medium-blue wrapper. Marvin arrived in Pittsburgh in and established himself in the cracker business, founding S.

Why in the world would Nabisco ever stop making such a delightful treat? I always wondered why Nabisco stopped making them.

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I miss my cookies, and I thought people forgot about them. So those of you who know anything about these cookies, is there any way we can bring them back?!! ByNabisco had become the corporate name.Windmill Cookie Recipe Chocolate Pepermint Cookies Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies Windmill Cookie Recipe Nabisco Chocolate Snap Cookies Easy Ways To Make.

Cookie Crust Recipe - Chocolate Chip Oreo Chunk Cookies Cookie Crust Recipe Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar No.

Shop Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack, 24 Count and other Snack Foods at Free Shipping on Eligible Items. Mar 10,  · CHICAGO—Nabisco, the maker of the iconic cream-filled Oreo, has proudly touted itself as the maker of “America’s favorite cookie.” But in the midst of a heated presidential race, the.

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Nabisco's logo from the s to the present, designed by Gerard Huerta. Delicious and easy recipes from your favorite snack brands! 's of dessert recipes, snack ideas, appetizer recipes, and more for every occasion and holiday.

Nabisco and favorite cookie
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