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Determine the project budget.

Explain the pros and cons of the organizational structure in terms of the project outcomes. Collaborate with your Learning Team to develop a project based on the topic your team selected. Explain how the various changes will be handled. A description of the culture of the organization that includes concepts from Ch.

Deliver the presentation in class. Explain the steps taken by the team throughout phase two of the project plan. Explain the steps taken by the team throughout phase one of the project plan.

Develop a risk management plan identifying five specific risks, and explain how the team would mitigate each risk. A brief description of the project, including an identification of the primary goals of the project A description of how this project met the definition and characteristics of a project as defined in Ch.

Complete the Week Two activities. Discuss how the team finalized the scope statement. Elaborate on how the WBS was developed. Discuss how the team planned the project schedule. Include the following elements: Develop a project charter. Complete the Week Five activities.

Why would you consider it a project rather than day-to-day work? Explain the potential risks and how the team plans to manage those risks. Describe the method s used to develop the project budget. Describe how changes to the project scope, timeline, and budget will be requested, reviewed, approved, reported, and communicated.

Submit Week Five stage of your individual final project to your instructor for feedback. Explain where the project stands according to the project life cycle.

Design the communication plan identifying the key stakeholder groups and their project information needs. Provide justification as to why the specific stakeholders were chosen for the communication plan. Submit the Week Two stage of your individual final project to your instructor for feedback.

A description of the organizational structure, based on the structures discussed in Ch. Discuss how the team developed the change control plan. Explain how this project fits within the organizational structure.

Create a change control plan that includes the following elements: Create a table summarizing what information will be produced during the project lifecycle.

You could plan a wedding, design and build a house, develop a video game, launch a new business, and so on. Discuss how changes to the project schedule and project budget will be managed.

How did the cultural norms affect this project from a positive or negative perspective? Write a project scope statement. Develop a project schedule. Write a paper of no more than 1,word that includes the following elements: Elaborate on how the method was chosen.

Submit the Week Three stageof your individual final project to your instructor for feedback.Riordan HR system Riordan Manufacturing is a Fortune plastics manufacturing company employing approximately people in several locations.

Riordan manufacturing was founded in by Dr. Michael Riordan in San Jose, California but since has acquired multiple other entities and continued to expand. (University of Phoenix. May 09,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Riordan Manufacturing It Budget to help you write your own Essay Search ; Saved Papers ; Free Essays on Riordan Manufacturing It Budget.


BSA Riordan Manufacturing – Sales and Marketing Review Riordan Manufacturing University of Phoenix MBA/. The paper will also justify the changes made to the budget. Current Budget. Riordan's current IT budget consists of $1, being spent on salaries, benefits and bonuses.

Another $, is being spent on Operating costs. The total IT budget is $1, Riordan Business Systems Verne Weikle BSA/ August 12, Michele Petrone Executive Summary Riordan Manufacturing’s (Riordan) Chief Executive Officer has requested a review of all Riordan’s business systems issued on Service Request SR-rm (University of Phoenix, ).

Riordan Manufacturing Project Paper University of Phoenix CIS (8 Pages | Words) Executive Summary The purpose of this team project is to accurately identify, and then propose a System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for Riordan Manufacturing.

University of Phoenix for its business, information-technology, education, and health-care Riordan Manufacturing, infor its business and accounting programs.

Since then the virtual world has expanded to eight corporations, four schools, a hospital, and city-government offices.

About Phoenix classes — a third of the.

Riordan manufacturing it budget university of phoenix
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