Romeo and juliet movie comparison

All the people and friends seem happy to see a fight, as though they get hyped up seeing people fight. They proceed to argue about whose master is better, and fight until Benvolio arrives and tells them to put up their swords.

He takes responsibility for the fate of these children. Waste no more time! She is affectionate; she is giggly, and loving.

Inthe Capulets wear darker clothing and the Montagues wear lighter clothing. First, seeing how close Romeo was to finding out about the plan Juliet had made with Friar Laurence. Romeo and juliet movie comparison Tybalt and Mercutio start fighting and it is serious form the start.

When Romeo tries to shake his hand, Tybalt slaps it away and attacks Romeo from behind when Romeo starts to walk away. The look in his eyes as he becomes aware of Juliet is heart wrenching. And in the version Romeo steps on the letter as he runs to his car. She is perceived as more isolated and alone from the very beginning.

The church is tacky with neon crosses and lights shaped as candles. Leonardo De Caprio shows much more passion and desire.

Both Shakespeare and Luhrmann endeavored to delight their audiences with beautiful costumes and familiar music, and to teach them with the basic moral precepts inherent in the story.

In the version, Romeo rides by the messenger on his horse as he rides to see his love. The older movie was set in Early Renaissance times. Followed by a car crash, Romeo and Tybalt are face to face and it becomes so dramatic and then Romeo shoots Tybalt in the Chest. Tybalt drives away and Romeo follows.

Baz Luhrmann's

Luhrmann only shows shots fired between the Montagues and the Capulets and a bit of confusion before Prince comes into the scene in a helicopter. Mercutio appears to be angry during the Queen Mab speech, and even before that. No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir 1.

De Caprio instantly regrets his actions. Romeo and Juliet Film Comparison By: While Leonard Whiting plays the typical adolescent to a tee, Leonardo De Caprio has much more depth and expresses his anguish in much more dramatic ways. In a sudden moment, the joking becomes a true and serious problem.

Cite References Print Ansen, David. This is probably for the better. We can tell he understands that death is final.

This changes the character of Juliet considerably. Suddenly, Romeo feels the urge to fight Tybalt for Mercutio and runs after him.

Romeo and Juliet Film Comparison

The version includes the nurse at the party. Friar Lawrence is very important to Romeo. It took place in Verona, a city in Spain? The only warmth is the balcony scene, with the trees and soft lighting.Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison Words | 11 Pages. In Franco Zeffirelli’s version of Romeo and Juliet, is a traditional adaptation of Shakespeare’s original Romeo and Juliet, with some variations.

Romeo and Juliet: comparison of the movie, the movie, and Shakespeare's original text. Romeo and Juliet has been a popular story for over years, either by the play written by Shakespeare, or a poem written earlier than that. Get an answer for 'In Romeo and Juliet, what are the differences and similarities between the characters of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison

' and find homework help for other Romeo and Juliet questions at eNotes. Compare the 2 films versions and how well they adapt the play. “Good-night, good-night! Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison Essay

That I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” – (William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet.) Romeo and Juliet is an epic mix of both tragedy and romance, it is written by a /5(2). Compare and contrast the two 'Romeo and Juliet' films, by Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann. Do you consider that these contrasting representations have enhanced your understanding of Shakespeare's text or do you view them merely as entertainment value?

Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison In Franco Zeffirelli’s version of Romeo and Juliet, is a traditional adaptation of Shakespeare’s original Romeo and Juliet, with some variations. Baz Luhrmann directed the version, also known as the MTV Romeo † Juliet.

Romeo and juliet movie comparison
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