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However, they have various drawbacks. Software Engineering SE is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software [The Joint Task Force on Computing Curricula, ].

In 16 order to support these non-functional properties, we need to craft an extended deployment tool which properly supports these requirements. Nix [Dolstra et al. A definition of software deployment is: He will work with Eelco Visser on the combination of attribute grammars and rewriting. It is also undesirable to deploy a privacy-sensitive dataset in a zone with public access.

Research Question 1 How can we automatically deploy heterogeneous Sander vermolen thesis systems in a network of machines in a reliable, reproducible and efficient manner? Software deployment in a heterogeneous environment is inherently difficult.

On the other hand, if we ran it on a underpowered PDA, this component would be deployed to a fast server sufficiently close enough to the PDA in the network topology. He was previously associated with the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Distributable components have to connect to other services and may be dependent on each other.

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Introduction 9 developed by various parties, implemented using various programming languages and various types of components, deployed on several kinds of machines having different characteristics and on various places in the world.

We have also explained that license governance is a very important nonfunctional requirement, while deploying a software system.

The paper reports on a survey of approaches in the literature that support software understanding through the study of runtime behavior, and presents a series of recommendations for future work in this area. For instance, when starting a CPU-intensive application e. Software programs were no longer selfcontained units, but started reusing components such as libraries developed by third-parties, of which some of them already resided on the target machines [Szyperski et al.

Furthermore, an upgrade may not always give the same result as a fresh installation of a system. Gerardo de Geest obtains his diploma cum laude, and will present his research later in October at the Working Conference on Reverse Engineering held in Antwerp, For distributed systems, it is desirable to have an equivalent procedure, but this vision is difficult to achieve, because deployment is very difficult and expensive.

Resources are reserved for particular workflows, even if not used. As a consequence, the process of getting applications to work Chapter 1. This paper reports on the work done by Zeeger Lubsen during his internship at the Software Improvement Group on the co-evolution of production and test code.

A good practice used for non-distributed componentised systems, is to do continuous integration and testing, i.

A Reference Architecture for Distributed Software Deployment

The set of principal design decisions that are simultaneously applicable to multiple related systems, typically within an application domain, with explicitly defined points of variation. But the negative side effect is that software deployment processes of software systems have become increasingly more difficult.

In such cases, we must redeploy a system, which is practically infeasible to do in a short time window for systems deployed in an imperative and ad-hoc manner. In order to be able to run a software program, all dependencies must be present and correct and the program must be able to find them.Therefore, I would like to thank Danny Groenewegen, Vlad Vergu, Gabriël Konat, Marin Bravenboer (from whom I borrowed the template for this thesis), Maartje de Jonge, Lennart Kats (who gave me a lot of advice on the practical details of publishing a thesis), Sander Vermolen, and Zef Hemel.

Sander Vermolen starts as new PhD student in the MODSE project. Martin Bravenboer submitted his thesis Exercises in Free Syntax to the doctoral examination committee.

The thesis describes research into language embeddings and has resulted in a number of techniques and tools for improving the engineering of. Automatically Discharging VDM Proof Obligations Formal Methods VDM­Overture Workshop Sander Daniël Vermolen Department of Software Technology.

May 24, 2 John Fitzgerald – Newcastle University Thesis.

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The last two provide a large part of the context of this thesis. VDM The Vienna Development Method (VDM) is a collection of techniques for the modeling, specification and design of computer-based systems [21]. Throughout the years, several specification languages have supported the VDM principles.

These include VDL, VDM-SL, VDM++. The work in this thesis has been carried out at the Delft University of Technol-ogy, under the auspices of the research school IPA (Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics). The research was financially supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) projectTFA: Transformations for Abstractions.

The work in this thesis has been carried out at the Delft University of Tech- nology, under the auspices of the research school IPA (Institute for Program- .

Sander vermolen thesis
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