Scope of hospital catering short notes

Outlets need to be clear about the requirements of the job and about the kind of person they are looking for. Planning and managing a hospitality event.

Organisations within the hospitality and catering industry rely on their staff to portray the right image so that customers get the products and services they require. You need to understand the importance of recruiting and maintaining a flexible workforce if an organisation is to remain competitive.

Therefore it is important to accurately select people for interviews. One of the first steps to achieving this is to make sure that the organisation has a structure. The unit links to the work in VCE Unit 1: The Chef Jobs site has: The Chef Section has: This unit will also provide background information and help support your learning in Unit You should be able to understand the legal and ethical responsibilities relating to equal opportunities and know the key implications for recruitment of the following legislation: You should understand the key elements of legislation that seeks to protect the rights of employees in relation to employment contracts.

Whether you are going on into employment or on to higher education you will find this unit useful if you are intending to follow a career in the hospitality and catering industry.

You need to know how and why decisions to recruit staff are made. The grade on that assessment will be your grade for the unit. Recruitment and Selection Outlets recruit staff for various reasons.

You may have a part-time job in hospitality and catering and will know first hand how important it is for an organisation to keep employees informed and motivated. You need to understand the ways in which they do this: Training and Development You need to understand the important contribution training and development makes to competitiveness and the standards of work and performance in the hospitality and catering industry.

You will need to understand: You need to know about the different bases for recruiting people for a flexible workforce including: You will also need to identify: Standards of work and performance should include: This unit is assessed by external assessment.

Small business planning and Unit The structure allows employees to see their position within the organisation and from this roles and responsibilities can be defined so that organisational and team objectives can be achieved.

This means that staff have to portray the right attitude and manner to customers as well as having the skills and abilities to allow them to work either individually or as part of a team.

You need to be able to relate this to an outlet. You need to learn about the different ways of working with others including: Working with Others An organisation is made up of individuals, but for it to operate efficiently and effectively staff need to develop good working relationships with others.

Chef Forums, Chef Network, Chef Recipes, Rate Employers, Suppliers Offers and Chefs Links All employees, regardless of the position they hold within the organisation, should have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

The hospitality and catering industry and Unit 4: In order to do this smoothly communication plays a vital role so that employees know what their job is and how to perform it. You will learn about: You should understand that the recruitment process can be costly in terms of the time, money and effort devoted if staff employed are poor performers.

Customer service in hospitality and catering. In the hospitality and catering industry others include colleagues doing the same job as you as well as colleagues in other sections of the outlet, supervisors and managers.6 Hospital Catering and Patient Nutrition, a Review of Progress Introduction 1 This memorandum provides the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (the Committee) with an update on the progress made by NHS Wales in responding to recommendations set out in mine and the Committee’s reports1, 2 on hospital catering and patient nutrition.

Scale, scope and diversity in a Restaurant Industry. The restaurant industry, on the other hand, covers fine dining specialty restaurants, fast food outlets, canteens, and food courts.

Fine dining and specialty restaurants offer a wide variety of international cuisines. Notes to using this standard tender document: 1.

The document comprises: a. Preliminaries b. When using this standard document, Surveyor must carefully read through its content.


4. The followings must be filled in the appropriate spaces throughout the document. Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Limited The scope of the Contractor. Aug 12,  · ALL SEMESTER NOTES OF IHM FOR FREE.

By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments Terms of Service and Privacy /5(). SCOPE AND METHODOLOGY The scope of this project is to fully review the existing model of outsourcing catering and hotel services at Tirana University Hospital Centre (TUHC) including an assessment of current structure of the existing contract for catering and hotel services.

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off premises catering. d. mobile catering. e. quantity purchase & storage. chapter -1 financial management meaning & scope.

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chapter -2 financial statement analysis and interpretation.

Scope of hospital catering short notes
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