Structured portfolio of my teaching activities essay

Reflective essays can focus on personal development, academic connections to the course content, or ideas and recommendations for future action.

The students could also do it as a one-minute paper that might then be read and explained to the rest of the class. You will be amazed at the kind of creativity that surfaces either way you do it. Does my portfolio display a cross—section of my work in teaching? A log can be printed to provide data about group learnings that occurred from the service experience.

Portfolio in the Job Application Process In a job application process, you can use your portfolio in several ways. Examples could include poetry, visual art, paintings, drawings, sculptures music, rap is a rather popular choice for this exerciseindividually created games or puzzles, any form of creative outlet that gives the student the chance to perform or explain in front of the class is what you are looking for.

Some students will be hesitant at first. The first two outcomes focus on studying different pieces of writing whereas the third concentrates on developing an academically powerful and complex argument when writing. James Wolf Portfolios can have a very positive influence on teaching. Critical Incident Journal - This type of journal entry focuses the student on analysis of a particular event that occurred during the week.

Teaching Portfolio

And finally, an application section prompts students to comment on how the experience and course content can be applied to their personal or professional life.

It is helpful for students to hear stories of success from one another.

By answering one of the following sets of prompts, students are asked to consider their thoughts and reactions and articulate the action they plan to take in the future: Describe an incident or situation that created a dilemma for you in terms of what to say or do.

This gives them time to put their thoughts together. Be prepared to prod these students a little. The writing I completed throughout this quarter is an ultimate demonstration of mastering the course outcomes because each essay within my portfolio relates to at least one outcome, proving that the skill described is both understood and implemented.

Based on their experience and library research, students make recommendations for future action. Students then draw arrows indicating relationships between their personal experiences and course content.Teaching Portfolios About Benefits What to Include What a Teaching Portfolio is Whether it's called a dossier, portfolio, or profile, t he teaching portfolio as an effective way for teachers to reflect upon This section of the portfolio provides the context for your teaching activities and accomplishments.

You should: Examine your. Portfolio; Resources; Structured Input Activities. Lee and VanPatten define structured input as "input that is manipulated in particular ways to push learners to become dependent on form and structure to get meaning" ( ).

Their guidelines for developing structured input activities include. Prepare a structured portfolio relating to your teaching activities over a minimum of a 3 month period.

What Are Some Strategies For Reflection Activities?

Introduction This is a portfolio of the teaching activities I. Finally, a written evaluation essay providing a self-assessment of how effectively they met the learning objectives of the course is suggested for the portfolio. It's My Bag - Tell the students to find a bag at home (any bag). Structured Portfolio of My Teaching Activities Essay Words | 15 Pages.

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Structured Portfolio Assignment Prepare a structured portfolio relating to your teaching activities over a minimum of a 3 month period. Introduction This is a portfolio of the teaching activities I undertake as a Teaching Fellow.

The syllabus for English is structured around four main outcomes, the first of which is to “Demonstrate an awareness of strategies writers use in different writing context.” In this portfolio I use my first short assignment to illustrate the fourth and last outcome, however, every essay I have written this quarter demonstrates that.

Structured portfolio of my teaching activities essay
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