The characteristics of a great leader who possess emotional spiritual and leadership intelligence

Instead of harping on the negative, they look at the positive and what they have control over.

10 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is Critical for Leaders

How a leader treats themselves matters, because it is reflected back in the people he or she manages. Leaders who react from their emotions without filtering them can severely damage relationships and increase mistrust amongst their staff.

Being a real go-getter, even at a young age, is another quality possessed by people with EI. Whether standing in the synagogue or picking wheat along the path, interacting with the Father was so natural that others around Him could not help but do the same.

Authenticity Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. While people with high EI may seem like pushovers because of their politeness and compassion, they actually have the power to establish boundaries.

To take the EI Quiz go to theotherkindofsmart. Everyone is treated with consideration. It prevents them from getting overwhelmed, burned out, and stressed because they have too many commitments.

Tuned in emotionally, they are aware of the many factors that can influence the feelings of their employees. Their style is about growing an organization that cares about their employees and anyone who conducts business with them.

EQ is important to being a great leader. When the goal is spiritual growth and health, production will always be a natural outcome.

Having an awareness of emotions, how they are created, and how they influence people will allow them to not take emotions of others, such as anger, personally. Were you that ambitious and hard-working kid who was motivated to achieve a goal--and not just because there was a reward at the end?

Lao Tzu Knowing oneself and acting from that truth draws people to a leader. Less likely to jump to conclusions or judgment, they are more likely to get to the root of the issue and the cause of strong emotional reactions of others.

An emotionally intelligent leader presents balance. Here are six characteristics that identify most spiritual leaders: Changing the atmosphere is like casting vision, only it is immediate.

They lead others to discover their own purpose and identity. Passion is the ingredient that moves people and organizations from production to transformational impact.

They know how to balance work and play. This is one I personally have to work on daily as I tend to be a little more perfectionist.Intelligences of a Leader Leadership Advance Online– Issue XXII intelligent, but lack self-mastery or character intelligence, and someone can possess superior and spiritual intelligence.

#1: Wisdom Intelligence Wisdom, as a form of intelligence, is so needed in today’s world. Spiritual leadership is characterized by great generosity. A spiritual leader genuinely wants others to fully discover who they were made to be.

Workplace issues and strategic development become tools to help followers discover their own identity and overcome obstacles standing in their way. Daniel Goleman said, “When I compared star performers with average ones in senior leadership positions, nearly 90% of the difference in their profiles was attributable to emotional intelligence factors rather an cognitive abilities” (Goleman, “Leader”, p.2).

The most effective leaders are all alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence. It’s not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant.

Emotionally intelligent leaders hear their staff and by doing so are able to connect with them on a deeper level. 4.

6 Characteristics of Spiritual Leaders

Awareness of emotional atmosphere. Effective leaders are not only aware of what is going on with their people in one-to-one conversations, they are able to. In fact, emotional intelligence is one of the most prized leadership traits that few leaders are able to truly master.

You will be a great leader and also be able to be engaged with your team, who will in turn work more coherently towards achieving the company’s goals.

The characteristics of a great leader who possess emotional spiritual and leadership intelligence
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