The dangers of cell phone use

So lets compare electromagnetic radiation magnitudes. This information will be supplemented with information from health records and cell phone records.

Texting, for example, has become a popular way of using a cell phone to communicate that does not require bringing the phone close to the head. If you are busy dialing, or looking for anaddress it can take that focus away, and all it takes is one secondfor something to go wrong.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Use: What You Need To Know

David Strayer, a University of Utah scientist who has done research on this topic, said the findings that merely talking on a phone while driving was not dangerous is "completely at odds with what we found. Why are mobile phone masts dangerous?

Smartphones and Social Connection People who are distracted by smartphones when they are with others miss out on important in-person interactions and connections. However, most cell phones today use digital technology, which operates at a different frequency and a lower power level than analog phones.

This means they specially limit the output power so that the output does not range to far and interfere with other "cells". Maintain good posture and do not hunch forward. Save a life, either drive the car or pull off the road to chat -never do both at the same time - the life you save might be yourown.

SEER data with rates simulated from the small risks reported in the Interphone study 11 and the greatly increased risk of brain cancer among cell phone users reported in the Swedish pooled analysis Has the incidence of brain cancer changed over time?

Is it dangerous to use a cell phone during a thunderstorm? Save your elbows and avoid pain by cushioning your forearms on hard surfaces. If you develop this condition, rest your thumb and minimize texting to allow the problem to subside. The amount of radiation may vary according to position and distance, cell-sites are not isotropic radiators, this means that they are directional.

Take regular breaks at least every 20 minutes when you are texting or browsing on your smartphone. In general microwave frequencies are electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the range of MHz to GHz. Investigators have also conducted analyses of incidence trends to determine whether the incidence of brain or other cancers has changed during the time that cell phone use increased dramatically.

Guard Your Thumbs Excessive texting on your smartphone or smart phone may lead to trigger finger or trigger thumb. In Februarytwo draft technical reports summarizing the findings were made available in advance of the formal peer-review process in March Continued But extensive scientific reports have detailed non-heat-related effects from long-term exposure.

You may develop this condition if you lean on your elbows while texting or you bend your elbows while holding your phone to your ear. These findings suggest that the increased risks observed in the Swedish study are not reflected in U.

They write that MWR exposure limits have remained unchanged for 19 years. According to recent medical study symptoms such as fatigue, headachs, burning sensation on the skin,are common among those who make longer mobile phone calls.

Where the trouble comes into play is when children message the predator personal information like where they live and decide to meet in person. At least 12 states ban the use of hand-held cellphones while driving and 41 ban text messaging.

Cell phones are dangerous because they use a low level form of microwave radiation that makes heat and penetrates the tissue to make it heat. Hands-free kits reduce the amount of radiofrequency energy exposure to the head because the antenna, which is the source of energy, is not placed against the head.A sophisticated, real-world study confirms that dialing, texting or reaching for a cellphone while driving raises the risk of a crash or near-miss, especially for younger drivers.

Distracted driving study: Cell phone dialing, texting dangerous. Talking? Less so.

Mehmet Oz, MD, explains how to avoid cell phone dangers. I got my first wireless handheld in It was as big and clunky as a brick, but the mobility it offered made it indispensable.

There are now more than million cell phone subscribers in America, and on average we spend about 11 hours a. The number of cell phones in use has skyrocketed in recent years and with that increase has come the dangers associated with using a cell phone while driving.

Cell phone use while driving is a recipe for disaster. Cell phones are a danger on the road in more ways than one. Two new studies show that talking on the phone while traveling, whether you're driving or on foot, is increasing both pedestrian deaths.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Use: What You Need To Know By Patricia Matz on June 9, in Tips and Tricks Even though everyone nowadays has a cell phone, there are always dangers associated with the device.

Radiofrequency exposure from cell phone use does cause heating to the area of the body where a cell phone or other device is held (ear, head, etc.). However, it is not sufficient to measurably increase body temperature, and there are no other clearly established effects on the body from radiofrequency energy.

The dangers of cell phone use
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