Write a declarative sentence with a compound subject

Examples of transition words are below: Kina finished her project. An abundance of clear yet, complicated simple sentences, on the other hand, shows a writer mastering sentence construction.

Did he leave first? The band played for hours, and the audience went wild. Either you or your brother is going to be punished.

Either a rat or the gerbil keeps chewing up all my socks! He could be your partner or I could be your partner. It seemed to the students that all they did was study and prepare for their examination. My coat is red. Turning some of those sentences around—starting with the subordinate conjunction—adds sentence variety without much effort.

Neither wind nor rain nor sleet nor hail can stop the U. Either you or your friend needs to tell me what happened. A declarative sentence will still make sense; the imperative would not make sense anymore.

Not sure about transition words? Example 2 Elementary, my dear Watson.

Declarative Sentences Are the Most Common Type…And With Good Reason

The dog barked all night long. Neither the president nor her assistant has replied to the accusation. To distinguish them from imperatives, remember to look for a visible or obvious subject. On the other hand, the exclamation point at the end of an exclamatory sentence expresses that that speaker or writer has a strong feeling or emotion attached to it.

But watch what happens if we change the end punctuation mark: He ate dinner and then watched a movie. The subject can be simple with a noun phrase or it can be a compound subject.

Look pretty and taste great make up the parts of the compound predicate. How to Write a Declarative Sentence a. Everything on the bed and everything in the closet was organized in under an hour. There is no one formula.

It fell off the table and smashed on the floor. You have me and you have him, too. If it still makes sense, it is a declarative sentence because if you would put a full stop on interrogative sentence, it would sound off.Today’s topic is the complex-compound sentence.

Most writers worth their fingertip calluses begin as avid readers. We read books, magazines, and websites indiscriminately until we start to notice the writing itself and marvel at the many forms a sentence can take.

Declarative sentences always have a subject and a predicate. The subject can be simple with a noun phrase or it can be a compound subject. Compound subjects are made of more than one simple subject combined with a conjunction such as and, or, and but.

Apr 30,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write Declarative Sentences. Three Parts: Recognizing a Declarative Sentence Writing Simple Declarative Sentences Writing Complex Declarative Sentences Community Q&A Knowing how to communicate information is a skill that will prove valuable in both writing and speaking%(34).

Declarative Sentence

Write declarative four times Write a sentence with a compound subject. _____ Write a sentence with a compound predicate _____ 10 Writing.

You are going to answer the following question in paragraph form. Make sure to do a topic. Compound-complex sentence, complex grammar, multiple qualifiers, repetition of idea, convoluted logic.

It might add a compound subject or predicate and include a direct object or predicate adjective. compound-complex sentence, four declarative types, sentence variety, simple sentence. A simple declaratory sentence is the union of a subject and a predicate, as simple as a subject and verb in the present tense (She sings).

A compound declarative joins two related phrases together with a conjunction and a comma.

Write a declarative sentence with a compound subject
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